Boom trucks have continuously evolved over the years. Today, they play a huge role in the construction industry due to their versatility. However, considering different varieties, it can sometimes become difficult to rent crane truck. Therefore, we are going to share different types of boom trucks along with their distinct features. Let’s begin!

What Are Boom Trucks?

Before we dive deep into discussing different types of boom trucks, it is important for you to understand what essentially are boom trucks. In simple words, boom trucks are mobile cranes that are designed to travel on any type of surface be it gravel, snow or mud, etc. These cranes usually have tires, allowing them to be easily driven to the required destinations. However, depending on the state, the driver, as well as the crane, might require special licenses.

In addition to that, for safety of the people around, only licensed and certified individuals who possess years of training and skills operate these cranes. Boom trucks are mostly flatbed featuring a hydraulic crane to lift extremely heavy weights. Telescopic booms tend to be more popular these days, typically controlled by a cabin, which is another important feature of boom trucks.

Major Types Of Boom Trucks

Even though you might come across several varieties of crane trucks, but in general there are two main types. These types are fixed cab and swing cab trucks. The main difference between the two lies in the way their cabins move and are located. Therefore, both types are suited to different types of jobs.

Fixed Cab

The first type i.e. the fixed cab features a fixed cabin, which is operated by the driver. Instead of having a separate cab for the boom, these trucks have a single driver cabinet, which allows the driver to operate the crane as well as the boom.

So, fixed cab boom trucks look similar to standard cranes but with a boom on the back. Since there is a single cabin, these trucks are relatively compact and convenient when it comes to transporting and maneuvering them in tight locations.

While fixed cab boom trucks have their advantages, they have their disadvantages as well. Due to the cabin being static, the driver is slightly limited in terms of visibility. You cannot move the cabin to inspect your surroundings before making a move.

Swing Cab

Compared to the fixed cab, swing cabin boom trucks are flexible. Additionally, these trucks feature a separate cabin used to operate the cabin, which is mounted on the flatbed. Since it is attached to the boom, it rotates and moves as does the boom itself.

This means that swing cabin boom trucks are able to cover more area than fixed cabin boom trucks. Furthermore, the limited visibility is not an issue as well, as the driver can easily look around and make movements according to the structures placed in the surrounding.

Other Types Of Boom Trucks

Apart from the fixed and swing cabin boom trucks, there are other popular types as well such as bucket trucks. While crane trucks are usually used to lift heavy loads, bucket trucks on the other hand are designed to lift people. If you need a machine that can lift several people at once, a bucket truck will perfectly suit your needs.

These cranes feature a bed-type platform on which people can easily stand. In other cases, the rental company can add accessories to suit the different needs of the construction site and safety of the people. Moreover, bucket trucks are mostly used by telecommunications or municipalities that require fixing or replacing elevated infrastructure.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Choosing the right type of boom truck is essential based on the needs and requirements of the construction project. Each type serves a different purpose, which makes it important to consider the features and specifications. Above all, you should always hire a skilled operator as the chances of accidents are comparatively less.

Final Word

Construction projects rely on strict deadlines. If you are out there spending a considerable amount of time trying to pick the right boom truck type, you should consider the information shared above. Compare the specifications and features of the different types and try to match them with the demands and preferences of your construction project to rent the correct one from a boom truck rental VA.

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