The National Fire Protection Association recommends cleaning your chimney at least once a year either by yourself or with the help of chimney cleaning services as an unclean chimney is not only a health hazard, it brings many other problems. Let us take a look at why regular chimney cleaning is important.

You can’t have people over due to bad odor emanating from the chimney

An unclean chimney is not just a hotbed of soot and ash. Its damp ecosystem makes is also the perfect place for mildew and fungus to grow and fester. The result? Bad odor for miles around the chimney. If the smell is bad enough to make you want to stop having people visit, it’s time to call a chimney cleaner.

You will be putting your house on sale soon and want to have it look and smell great

The fireplace is one of the most prominent features in any home. One that people lay eyes on as soon as they enter. Imagine their impression when they see it covered in soot and creosote. While you are sprucing up the rest of the house, make sure you don’t neglect this key showpiece.

Your chimney is making strange scratching and rustling noises and bothering your family at night

People who have taken their chimney for granted are often surprised to discover some bird, animal or insect have built its nest in it, knowing that it won’t be bothered. If that bothers your family, it’s time to call an expert service trained in handling wildlife.

Your chimney is beyond usable and is quickly turning into a fire hazard

Debris and soot gradually accumulate in your chimney every time you use your fireplace, and if you go a whole year without cleaning your chimney, it will be in no position to do its job of letting out harmful gases safely out of the house. This puts both life and property at risk.

Sparks and soot from the fireplace are flying all over your living room instead of going up the chimney

This is a very serious matter because if even a single spark catches onto a flammable piece of fabric in the house, it could spell disaster. Don’t sleep on this and call a professional chimney repair service the moment you notice this happening.

Soot from your chimney has started making its way to the exterior and is ruining the look of your house

If your chimney is blocked, there is someplace that all the soot from the fireplace has to go and that place is the exterior walls of your house. And when it does, believe us it is not a good look.

The wall around your fireplace is starting to look like it’s painted black

The same spot will also start damaging the interior paint around the fireplace in your house, sticking onto it like black paint which is almost impossible to come off.

You notice the carbon monoxide detector is showing readings off the chart

Using a fireplace with limited airflow results in carbon monoxide formation, which is a poisonous gas and is no laughing matter. Get that chimney cleaned.

You often trigger the fire alarm when you use the chimney

If too much smoke is detected when you use the fireplace, something is definitely wrong and you need to have it sorted out promptly.

You have been complacent about chimney cleaning because you have a gas-powered fireplace instead of wood

A lot of people think that because they use a gas-powered fireplace, they do not have to clean their chimneys, and while it is true that clean fuel produces less soot than wood, after one year, there is still enough debris accumulation in the chimney to demand a cleaning.

So, there you have it. Ten good reasons why you need to get up right now and call a reliable chimney cleaning service to tackle this hassle prone yet essential task, in order to ensure the health and safety of your family. When looking for a chimney sweep service Ellicott City, however, make sure it has the right certification and training so that there are no compliance issues and you can rest assured knowing you are only getting the best.

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