There are countless reasons why a lot of homeowners install plantation shutters. Their unmatched energy efficiency, looks, and light control are among the benefits of selecting shutters as a great window treatment. However, if you are planning a home improvement project, you might want to keep the overall costs in mind. One of the questions you usually hear during consultation is about how much is the cost of plantation shutters.

Since each home is different from one another and there are many options for shutters, there isn’t a concrete answer for the question about the cost of plantation shutters. If your chosen shutter store provides you an upfront price without knowing your needs, you might not get what you prefer. If you are knowledgeable of the variables that could affect the shutter project’s price, you may get a great ballpark estimate of the cost.

Plantation Shutters Prices and What Affect Them?

Since plantation shutters vary widely and some are custom-build for particular window types, the price will differ depending on the unique needs of a home. Below are the other factors that could influence the shutter’s prices.

Size and Shape of Windows

Generally, plantation shutters are rated on square-footage basis, so bigger window shutters have a high price tag in comparison for the smaller windows. Knowing the dimensions of the windows you have will surely help you get an initial estimate, yet never worry too much regarding measuring as there are professionals who can help you do this job for you and some shutter stores can even offer free of charge in-home consultation.

Windows with unique shapes may also add a bit more to the cost in comparison to the typical rectangular or square windows since these take more work and time to fit the exact specs and window’s unique geometry.

Materials of Plantation Shutters

There are several kinds of plantation shutters and they differ on the materials used for manufacturing them. Some of the materials known are faux wood, natural hardwood, reclaimed wood, and so much more. Depending on your preferences, the cost may vary based on the quality and durability of the materials.

There are also other things that could affect the plantation shutters prices and these include the finish, frame style, and additional options. The main point is that there are numerous factors influencing the cost and choosing the ones with the best features can make a big difference.

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