Tree services often talk about tree transplanting but what is it really?

Tree Transplanting

The art of moving or transporting trees or shrubs from one place to another for a variety of reasons. In simple words, the day you realize a certain tree or shrub, in your yard is taking up a lot of space or destroying your wild plans regarding landscaping or you’re moving and a specific tree or shrub is your favorite and you want to take it with you, then the process of removing the tree from its original place and transporting it elsewhere is called tree transplanting!

Reasons for Tree Transplanting

The reasons can vary from personal to professional:

  • The supposed tree is taking up a lot of space.
  • Your landscape project is being affected by a tree.
  • The roots of a certain tree are draining the rest of the plants.
  • The location of the tree or shrub is preventing it from getting the amount of sunlight it requires.
  • Just because you want to!

Eventually tree services can help you with all the mentioned reasons and more. But instead of looking elsewhere, try looking at places near you i.e. if I were in your shoes having a problem regarding plants then my first option would be to look for a tree removal company near me.

How to Transplant Trees

According to the tree services, transplanting process is very tedious and requires great effort. When you are transporting a tree from one place to another, keep in mind that there are a variety of things you need to look out for. Some of them which were highlighted to me by a tree removal company near me, are:

  • The said location—whether it is favorable for the plant or not.
  • Is the plant strong or not?
  • Are the roots strong or still in the growing season?
  • Is trimming an option or transplanting is important?
  • Will the nourishment of a plant satisfy in the new location or not? Etc.

These are some of the questions your removal company or arborist will ask you. And if you plan on doing the job yourself, then you should ask yourself these questions.

When to Transplant Trees?

It is better to transplant trees in the late summers or early spring. However, it all depends upon the area you live in or the area you transport the tree to. It is better to consult with an arborist beforehand. Also, keep in mind that if you are planning to transplant a tree then you should start working on it at least a year before you finally move it away.

Common Steps Needed for Transplanting A Tree

According to a tree removal company chevy chase, the following steps are common when it comes to transplanting trees:

  • Start digging the plant out a year before transplanting.
  • Be careful as to not destroy the roots during the digging process.
  • Keep your roots pruned.
  • Check the location where you plan on growing the tree again.
  • Consult your arborist at least once for the probable advice and safety steps needed for a tree to transplant.
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