The compressor is often said to be the heart of any cooling appliance, be it your refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner or water dispenser. And when it’s bad, you will immediately notice the effects and may need refrigerator repair. Some signs of a failing compressor are as follows.

The Food In Your Refrigerator Goes Bad On A Constant Basis

This is one of the first and the most obvious signs indicating that there is something wrong with your refrigerator, which is hindering it from performing its job of keeping food cool inside, and prevent it from bacterial contamination. If your refrigerator compressor is bad, there is a good chance that the temperature inside the refrigerator compartment will not reach the temperature optimal for delaying the food decay process.

The Backside Of Your Refrigerator Is Running Extremely Hot

This happens when your compressor is having to work a lot harder to keep the internal refrigerator temperature to a fixed value. Since heat is a by-product of a compressor motor’s operation, more heat is generated as a result, raising the temperature at the back of your appliance by a considerable degree.

The Compressor Is Making Loud Obnoxious Noises Too Often

Under normal operation, the compressor will make a clicking noise whenever it turns on and that is it. The motor makes a faint humming sound which is normally indecipherable until you actually listen for it with your ear next to the appliance. But if all of a sudden you are hearing clunking, grating or any other type of weird noise emanating from your refrigerator, there is a good chance a bad compressor is to blame.

The Compressor Is Completely Silent Or Is Not Starting At All

On the other hand, if after turning on your refrigerator, you hear no sound even after several minutes, there is a good chance that your compressor motor has failed to start and your refrigerator is broken. When this happens, you have no other choice but to call a refrigerator repair person to take a look and diagnose the reason for the motor stalling.

The Cooling Power Of Your Refrigerator Has Deteriorated

The above scenario with the compressor suddenly ceasing operation seldom ever happens, and when the apparatus is going bad, it is usually accompanied by other telltale signs. One of them is your refrigerator not operating up to par, and considerably lower than how it used to work when it was brand new. At this stage, there is a good chance that whatever the problem is with the compressor can be rectified and the refrigerator’s performance can be brought up to its optimal level.

Your Electricity Consumption Bill Has Gone Up All Of A Sudden

This is another telltale sign that your compressor is drawing in more current to keep the internal temperature inside to what the thermostat has been set to. Being one of the most power hungry pieces of electrical equipment in the house, any change in its power consumption will be immediately reflected on your utility bill.

There Is Excessive Frost On The Walls Of Your Refrigerator

It makes sense for the freezer compartment in your refrigerator to have frost on the inside surface, but when the same thing starts happening in the food storage units, you might have compressor trouble on your hands.

Your Refrigerator Is More Than Ten Years Old

Finally, every electrical equipment comes with a rated lifespan, and for a compressor motor, that is about ten years. If your refrigerator is older than that, now is a good time to look into a new one.

Depending on how intense the problem is with your compressor, it will either have to be repaired or replaced. In the event that there are a lot more issues with your refrigerator than just the compressor, you will most likely have to replace the whole thing. This is fine in case your refrigerator was ancient, and getting a modern, more power efficient unit will bring many advantages with it. However, if your refrigerator is constantly having problems during operation until finally giving out, the issue most likely is with how you are using the appliance on a day to day basis. The care and maintenance you put into it will go a long way in longer, better life span of your refrigerator. For maintenance and repair, get services of appliance repair Fairfax companies that have expert staff.

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