Are you tired of your old countertops? If yes, then you are probably thinking about replacing them with new ones. Silestone countertops not only add a great visual appeal to your kitchens and bathrooms, but they are also very important in terms of their function. This is why you should do your research well before buying new countertops.

The countertop surface has to be hard enough for you to work properly on it without causing it to damage. With time, every material will show some form of damage, like smaller scratches.

Which is why countertops require proper care and maintenance if you plan on making it look damage free.

Replacing your kitchen coutnertops

It is not hard to replace the kitchen counters. However, there are various things you should consider before replacing the countertops.


Before you replace countertops, you must look into plumbing and drainage. The cabinets around it will stay where they are. However, you will most probably have to reattach the sink. Replacing a countertop affects a lot of things around it as well. A sink, faucet and its plumbing are one of those things being affected. Even the garbage disposal is affected and needs to be considered while replacing the countertops.

Therefore, every element around the countertop needs to be considered before replacing them. Nobody likes surprise damages while replacing the countertops. it is better to be prepared before hand so that you can install the countertops properly. A well-installed countertop will reflect the look of your kitchen or bathroom.


While the cabinets won’t be affected per say and will stay in their places intact, what is important to consider it whether or not it will be able to support the new countertop. If you are replacing a lightweight countertop material with something like a stone, your old cabinets may not be able to support its weight. This may cause more harm than good.

Besides, you also need to make sure that the material you are choosing for your countertop is easily removable later on. If not, then you need to be sure that you won’t be making any changes later, such as upgrading your kitchen cabinets.

This is because some countertop materials such as granite are not easy to remove. This may cause problems if you want to upgrade the cabinets. Therefore, either wait a while before replacing your cabinets or choose a material for your countertops that can be easily removed later.


If you have under cabinet lighting, that is something you might want to keep in mind while choosing a material for your countertop. This is because under cabinet lighting are easy to install but really hard to reinstall. Keep in mind that you may need to reinstall a lot of the under cabinet lighting if they are interfering with the replacement of the countertops.

Moreover, these lights can cause strain to your eyes when it is reflected off of a highly reflective surface. Therefore, while choosing the material for your new countertop, make sure you choose something that is not too reflective. Highly polished stone surface is an example of such a material that can cause strain to your eyes due to the lights. Consider going for something that fits in well with your surrounding not only in terms of aesthetic but also in terms of function.


The perfect countertops can be tricky to find. While each countertop materials offers various benefits as well as disadvantages that you need to know, you also need to consider your kitchen or bathroom surroundings. A great material alone will not do the job. Keep in mind how that material affects your desired space. For example a long lasting, heat resistant countertop won’t be any good if it is interfering with your work due to the light reflections.

For more information about countertop replacement NC, feel free to reach out to a professional countertop company.


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