If you have plans to get handmade rugs as additions to your home decorations, there are a few things you have to know before you shop for them.

Features of handmade rugs

Dyes which are used while the rug fibers are being colored can help you determine whether or not the carpet is of high quality. There are dyes that can bleed if they got wet, fade, and there are also dyes which are steadfast. Higher quality dye means higher quality of carpet colors as well.

There are also weavers that only use natural ingredients for making the dyes they use for their pieces. Oftentimes, these rugs will fade a bit over time they manage to get a warmer appearance as they fade. These could even look much better when they age and fade, much better than their appearance when they were initially crafted.

Details of handmade rugs


Quality Persian carpets can also be made using the best materials. The specific type of silk, wool, or cotton threads used for weaving these rugs are often of better craftsmanship and quality compared to the rugs made in other parts of the world.


The number of knots which are tied in every square inch of the rug can help in determining the overall quality of a piece. It is always better if there are more knots in every square inch. Wool threads cannot obviously be tied in as much number of knots for each square inch unlike silk threads since wool threads have bigger diameter.

Place of Origin

The area where the rug was made also has some effect on the value and quality of a piece. Every region has access to various kinds of wool, and it can increase the value of each item crafted there. How the sheep are being cared for also make a big difference in the quality of wool they will produce.


The size of the rug hasn’t any relevant to the quality of craftsmanship.


The patterns woven into the rug make significant difference in a piece’s overall value. Different families make use of unique patterns, and different regions of the world are also using different patterns. While there might be some copy cat pieces, most of the time, you can easily judge where a carpet was made, and who made it by just inspecting the design on the piece.

These are some of the important pointers to keep in mind before you pay a visit to your local rug store virginia.

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