Rugs can instantly transform your room and add more color and texture. Handmade rugs are considered the best types of rugs you can get. But there are many things about handmade rugs that many people might not know about. These things may help you make better buying decisions related to rugs.

Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are not the same

The two names of handmade rugs you may have the most from rug shops and people who like rugs are Persian rugs and oriental rugs. They are used together and many people use them interchangeably as well. However, they are a big difference between these rugs.

Rugs that are made in Iran (Persia) are called Persian rugs. On the other hand, rugs created in the Asian region like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, and other countries are called oriental rugs. So, in this way, all Persian rugs are Oriental rugs, but all Oriental rugs are not Persian rugs.

The value of handmade rugs may increase with age

Usually, things become devalued with age because they wear and also become outdated. However, perhaps this rule doesn’t apply to handmade rugs.

Rugs are considered a work of art like paintings. So, an old painting by a renowned artist will sell at a much higher price than a new painting by a less-known artist. In rugs, instead of the name of artists, the technique of how the rug was made, the material, and where it was made matters more than anything else.

So, if you have a wool handmade rug that was made in Turkey, take care of it well because it will become valuable with time. The same is true when you’re looking to buy an Oriental handmade rug. Older and vintage rugs will cost much more than newer ones.

Handmade rugs are naturally dyed

Since the beginning of rug making, handmade rugs have been crafted with naturally dyed wool and other materials. Even now, handmade rugs have natural colors and no chemicals or compounds are used for coloring the rugs.

This makes handmade rugs less harmful for people who are allergic to certain chemicals and makes them more valuable because naturally dyed rugs don’t bleed.

But you need to be careful if you have handmade naturally dyed rugs. You should be careful when cleaning area rugs and avoid using harsh cleaners. Moreover, keep them away from direct sunlight as it can fade the natural color of the rug.

Some handmade rugs may have imperfect patterns

Handmade rugs are hand-loomed by weavers. So, some handmade rug has irregularities and imperfection in patterns. These irregularities are minor and you can notice them only if you pay close attention and compare them with machine-made rugs.

But keep in mind that these imperfects are not flaws. They make the patterns of handmade rugs more impactful and valuable.

All handmade rugs are not pricy

Handmade rugs are considered synonymous with high-priced rugs. Handmade rugs are pricy, but all handmade rugs aren’t. There are many types of handmade rugs in many sizes and many materials. With a change in materials and sizes, the price can decrease. Moreover, the origin of handmade rugs greatly affects the price as well.

Usually, a silk handmade rug imported from Persian will cost more than a Persian handmade rug made of wool.

Handmade rugs can easily last for multiple decades

We think that rugs made of machines may be better and may last longer, but handmade rugs still beat them in longevity. Machines can make great products, but when it comes to rugs, they are made best crafted by weavers – humans.

A weaver carefully crafts every knot of a handmade rug with high-quality materials. A handmade rug can take days, weeks, and sometimes, years to craft because weavers put their best efforts into rugs. Carefully handmade rugs of top-quality materials can not only last for multiple decades, but some can even survive for a century.

The color red in rugs means courage

If you look at Persian and Oriental rugs, you will frequently see red hues. They make rugs more attractive, but they also symbolize courage and beauty.


Handmade rugs are the finest types of rugs that can last a lifetime if maintained well. If you’re looking for handmade rugs, look into wholesale Oriental rugs Virginia. They are beautiful and affordable.

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