In this present world, home décor is a combination of modern technology and vintage stuff, which gives a home an aesthetic look. And what is better than area oriental rugs for an aesthetic look? But before buying oriental rugs, you must know some specifications.

Oriental Rugs

An oriental rug is a heavy textile of large variety made for symbolic and practical purposes in oriental countries for home use, local use, and export.

Why Are They Called Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs come from the orient or eastern part of the world. High-quality oriental rugs are mostly in the Middle East, southeast, and Far East. Iran, India, Pakistan, and Tibet are famous for their world-wide export of oriental rugs.

How Are They Manufactured?

Oriental rugs consist of looms woven by hand, with warps, wefts, and piles consisting of wool, silk, and cotton.

Impressive oriental rugs involve metal threads of gold and silver in it.

Things To Remember Before Buying An Oriental Rug

  1. Look at the weave on the back of the rug. Look at the red, white, and blue threads of foundation; they are called weft threads. Wool knots cover them. These threads must be horizontal to fringes. Sometimes they are away, so the rug is not appropriately woven.
  2. There should be unevenness in the knots on the back of the rug. You may see that some knots are thick and some are thin.
  3. Now, look at the design on the front of the rug carefully. In rare cases, the size and shape of the design are the same. Old oriental rugs show this feature.
  4. While examining the oriental rug, you will see the color changes make thick and thin strips because the dye of wool is affected by light and the atmosphere. These color changes are called “Abrash”. It does not lower the value of the rug.
  5. There is a cloth tag attached to the corner of the rug showing “Handmade in Iran” or “Handmade in Iran” can also be helpful.
  6. Handmade rugs mostly consist of wool, and the weave is not uniform, but if machines make them, they would consist of nylon or polypropylene and have a uniform and even weave.

Signs The Oriental Rug Is Fake

  • The rug has a stiff plastic back
  • Colors are bleeding
  • The fringes are sewed or glued on
  • It is not hand-knotted
  • It does not consist of wool
  • You got a steal on the rug
  • It is going out of the business sale

Myths About Oriental Rugs

  • All Oriental rugs increase in value
  • Old is gold
  • Knot count alone determines rug value

Pros Of Oriental Rugs

  • Have the excellent resale value
  • Durable
  • Absorb sound
  • Made with natural fibers
  • Have mystique

Cons Of Oriental Rug

  • It is expensive
  • It isn’t easy to clean

Why Are Oriental Rugs Expensive?

  1. Oriental rugs are handmade, and the wage for doing this is high because it requires a lot of hard work.
  2. Another reason is that oriental rugs consist of high-quality materials such as silk, wool, jute, etc. All these materials come from animal and plant fibers.
  3. Place of origin also plays a vital role in its price.
  4. The usage of authentic materials also costs high.

Are They Durable?

As oriental rugs consist of natural fibers such as animal and plant fiber, it can last for 50 to 80 years without losing its attraction and beauty.

So no other rug can beat the Oriental rug in its durability.

Elements Influence The Cost Of Authentic Oriental Rugs

  • Age
  • Knot Density
  • Weave Consistency
  • Technique
  • Fiber used
Are Oriental Rugs Environment Friendly?

Yes, they are environmentally friendly because they consist of natural fiber. It doesn’t release fumes or carcinogenic chemicals like synthetic rugs. So they will not readily burn.

 Are Oriental Rugs Comfortable?

The back of oriental rugs is soft. If it feels like plastic, it is not authentic. The oriental rugs consisting of silk on silk or silk and wool blend, they are most comfortable.

Holes Are Okay, Patches Aren’t

Small holes are okay as they are typical for antique and vintage rugs. But patches can be worse, so don’t bring a carpet, which is already repaired.

Avoid Loose Ends

Please don’t buy a rug whose ends are damaged because, after some time, it will convert into a mess of threads.


Oriental rugs are high quality and the best choice for your home, but it is also costly, so try to buy an authentic one because if you get a fake one, it will be a total wastage of your money.

Keep these points in your mind before getting a new oriental rug from rug stores Alexandria.

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