Brazilian blowout needs to be done with sheer care and attention, but it’s not necessary to get your stylist to do it for you, you can do Brazilian keratin straightening yourself at home after going through plenty of useful guide material.

Follow all these steps to get it done by yourself.

Shampoo your hair with an anti-residue shampoo and towel-dry your hair

First and foremost, you need to have an anti-residue shampoo to wash your hair. In a process like Brazilian blowout, you need to deep-clean your hair before you embark upon the entire process. It is one of the most important steps which can affect the result to a huge extent. Therefore, do not take it for granted. Even if you have just taken a bath but it was your regular shampoo instead of an anti-residue shampoo, you will have to do it all over again.

Divide your hair into four sections and apply a smoothener on it

It is quite a meticulous process, therefore, you will have to divide your hair into four sections to get this process thoroughly done. Some people out of their laziness try to get their hair divided into only two sets which is not up to mark. In order for this process to be meticulously done, your hair has to be segmented into 4. Once you are done sectioning out, apply a smoothing solution on all your hair strands without touching the scalp. Smootheners and conditioners are never meant for scalp at all, so, always be watchful.

After applying the smoothing solution, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb

After you apply it thoroughly on your hair, you cannot leave it like that, you should approach a wide-tooth comb and run it through your hair without letting the solution come out. Do not try to access a thin-tooth comb because it is just not needed in this process, besides, a wide-tooth comb always makes it easy for you to quickly untangle your hair. Comb every section with at least four to six strokes and it will be more than enough.

Blow-dry your locks slowly moving it from top to bottom

That’s exactly when you bring your blow-dryer in. Your shampooed and smoothened hair now needs to be blow-dried for the first time during the process. You have to be very careful while you make a blow-dryer run close to your hair, it has a lot of heat and intensity, you better not let it touch your hair — just hold it as close to your hair as you want. Start from the top and slowly and gradually move towards the bottom.

Use a round brush to hold your hair tight and to stop them from flying around

It is impossible that your hair does not fly around while you start the blow-dryer. You have to hold it tight from the bottom while you run a blow-dryer on the upper-ends of your hair. You can let loose of your hair at any point in time whilst it is still in the process. For this purpose, you must have a round brush on your dresser because it will be really difficult sans it.

Once your hair gets dry, use a flatiron on it

Here comes the major part of the process where you actually get your hair straightened. Must bring in your straightener at this stage and run it over all your sections of hair once every single strand has completely dried. Never take risk running a flatiron on wet or damp hair, you will be devastated for the rest of your life.

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and without a shampoo this time

After everything is done, wash your hair off with lukewarm water. This time, you do not have to use a shampoo – be it a regular one or an anti-residue one. Maybe you can take a shower with slightly warm water after all you must be tired engrossing in such an intricate process.

Blow-dry your hair once again and you are good to go!

You are absolutely free to use a blowdryer that too on your towel-dried hair for the second time. That’s where the process comes to an end.

For best results, we recommend that you go to a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville for Brazilian blowout.

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