Sound coming out of the boiler in your house can be frustrating and it will definitely affect your comfort and relaxation.   These sounds often need not necessitate central heating unit repair. There are some products and services that can be used effectively to reduce the noise that comes out of the heating system in your house.

Know about central heating unit repair

Modern boilers have been found to make more noise than the older system. The importance given to the energy efficiency has given rise to increase production of unwanted noise. Numerous ways are there to prevent the production of unwanted noises from your heating unit.

Lining with acoustic foam

One easy method to avoid the unwanted noise is to provide an enclosure to the boiler which is lined with acoustic foam. This can lead to significant reduction in the unwanted noise coming from the heating unit. The foam dampens the sound.  The reductive core ensures that the noise produced is significantly reduced.


Using a wooden frame made of special platerboard can improve the noise resistance and make less noise to come out. One can also combine this insulation with mineral wool and this has been found to be of very good effect in suppressing the unnecessary noises.

More noise reduction can be attained by mounting the boiler on vibration-isolation-mounts because a good amount of noise is produced as a result of the vibration of the boiler itself. This will reduce the resonance vibrations of the boiler and in effect the overall transmission of noise will be reduced considerably.


There are some add-ons available in the market which is used for reducing the sound that is coming from the pipes and their joints.  These add-ons are made of plastic hoses which are flexible and can significantly reduce the unwanted noise that is produced by traditional materials like copper.

Hire HVAC professionals

Sometimes the noise from your boiler or furnace can become more loud and erratic.  In such cases please engage some professional who carry out boiler and its repair cum maintenance. They will be the right persons to find out the real cause for the increased noise and make some arrangements to get them reduced.

There are also some sound proofing companies now available in each and every part of the country. If you can consult one HVAC company Port Jefferson NY and make a permanent arrangement for reducing the sound form your heating system you need not bother about it much and think of smaller methods like the ones I have mentioned earlier.

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