Bangs can make a style statement on any type of hair irrespective of age and style. And if bangs accompany straight hair, then it can make any girl or woman look chic, stylish, and versatile. If you already have bangs or are thinking of getting them done after your appointment from a hair straightening salon, then our style guide will surely help you.

The Sleek Look

The contemporary style was adorned by women in the 80s and 90s. Straight sleek hair with straight sleek bangs sitting obediently on your forehead is the most trendy look and you can never go wrong with this look. If you have naturally straight hair then you can get this hairstyle with great ease or else go for a complete flat-ironed look.

The Curtain Bangs

This style gives a very soft and romantic look and emphasizes your face cut and features giving you a girl next door look. They are cut in such a way that your bangs are parted from the middle and cascade down from the side of the forehead till the top of the ears on both sides. Just blow-dry your hair and use a flatiron to straighten your bangs and slightly turn them from the end or use a huge round brush and blow-dry. These types of bangs look great with any hairstyle. Either leave them open and flaunt your bangs or tie your hair in a high ponytail or make a puff on top of your forehead.

Face Framing Bangs

Face framing bangs are cut in such a way that they extend till the length of your whole face framing it. They are cut in layers starting from the eyebrows to your earlobe and chin. You need healthy, layered, and thick hair to carry this look effortlessly. Having natural waves and textured hair serves the purpose. Get a chic cut by yelling your requirements to your hairstylist and what type of length and style of bangs will best frame your face and look great. These types of bangs look good with any sort of style for any occasion.

Tie your hair in a loose fish or French braid or a ponytail. Put Velcro rollers on your bangs and apply hot hair from the dryer and you will get awesome bouncy bangs or you can flat iron them and curly them in the ends creating a loose and beautiful wave. You can also wrap your hair in a bun; the bum can either be neatly tied or tightly made with the bangs framing loosely on your face or it can also be a messy or high bun. This style works effortlessly on any type of face and features.

The Chopped Bangs

If you have a big forehead then these types of bangs are for you. They are straightly cut and lie in the center of your forehead. Keep your hair down straight, in loose waves, curly, or in a ponytail and you are good to go. Make sure to flat iron your bangs to make them look happening and trendy and make a style statement anywhere you go with your chipped bangs.

The Side-Swept Bangs

A hairstyle that was born in the 2000s and nearly every woman and female in the world adopted this hairstyle. These side-swept bangs cut in a slanted way on one side of your hair where you mostly part your hair on the side. They are cut in a feathered sort of way starting from the forehead till your earlobe cascading down. Whether you are going for a formal outing or a casual one, these bangs are a no-fail hairstyle. Just wash and condition your hair and either iron or blow-dry them and then iron your bangs on one side creating a soft wave.

Textured Bangs

The most chic and hot look for the women of this era. The ultra-modern look is created by textured bangs creating a choppy and cool look. It looks hot and sexy and styling it is very easy.


Bangs look great in any season and hairstyle. You just need to blow-dry your hair and bangs and create an effortlessly chic look for any occasion. If you need super straight hair for bangs, go to a keratin treatment salon Rockville first.

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