You can get a very good guidance from hair straightening salons for washing your hair properly. It is because hair washing is responsible for hair damages to some extent.

Expert tips from celebrity hairstylists

Let’s discuss few important mistakes that we all make and don’t realize that we are doing something wrong.

  1. Washing with Extremely Hot Water

This is what many people like but trust me it is not doing any good to your hair. Let’s compare it to any fabric and if you wash it regularly with very hot water or iron it on high temperatures, how will it react then? The colors and quality will probably fade away very sooner and same is happening with your hair if you are having very hot showers. In fact, your Brazilian keratin is not going to last longer with hot showers so it is better to cool down your shower a bit for the sake of your healthy hair.

  1. Using too Much Shampoo

Often people use too much amount of shampoos which is more than enough to clean your hairs. In fact, many hair straightening salons recommend to only use shampoo on your scalp and rinsing that shampoo is enough to clean the ends of your long hairs. It is because all the sebum and dead skin stays on your scalp and using shampoo there is enough to do the cleaning job. Another reason is also of shampoo being a detergent which can damage your hair quality if used in excess quantity.

  1. Piling up Your Hair on the Top While Washing

It is very common in case of women having long hairs who pile up their hair on the top of their heads with putting on shampoo and let it stay there while washing the rest of the body in meanwhile. This is totally a wrong practice as this leads to hair knotting afterwards plus damaging your beloved Brazilian keratin as well. You are only giving up the beautiful strength of your hair this way and doing very unjust with them.

  1. Switching Shampoo Very Often

Usually people switch their shampoos very often thinking it will be better for your hair type while it should not be like this. You can do it sometimes like if you have got some treatment on your hair but without any need is simply a foolish thing which is only damaging your hair strength and nothing else. Show some love and care to your beautiful hairs and stick to any one shampoo that suits your hairs.

  1. Using Conditioner as a Shampoo

Normally people think to have shinier and conditioned hairs if used a lot of conditioner just like a shampoo itself. Don’t do it and be little kind to your lovely hair which needs your love and care. Firstly, conditioner should always be used as per your hair type like oily, dry or combination and secondly it is really not good to apply it from roots till the ends. Generally, hair straightening salons recommend to start from hair ends to progress towards upwards and leave it halfway. Your roots really do not need to be conditioned as it is mainly meant for hairs itself.

  1. No Massaging While Shampooing

Okay many people consider it as an optional thing and leave it for free time showers which is not a good thing. Your hair and scalp need tender care and love which should be done by massaging your head while shampooing. Round circular motions with your finger tips on your head from hair line to the nape of your neck is going to make you feel much relaxed while also increasing blood flow to boost your brain cells.

  1. Frequent Hair Washing

Well again washing your hairs should be totally decided as per your hair type. Oily hairs obviously need more washing than dry hair and can be washed every other day but doing the same with dry hair is a very unjust act. This is especially not recommended if you are having a Brazilian keratin treatment rockville as it will make it last much earlier than it could be lasted. You may consult your hair stylist if you are not comfortable with lesser frequent washing or you may use dry shampoo as well to have a fresh look of hairs.

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