Hair extensions are a great way to add instant volume to your hair, without having to commit to a certain hair length. They are interchangeable and they have definitely made life easier for women out there. You can put them on your hair yourself or visit salons that do hair extensions. Here is everything you need to know about keratin hair extensions and whether they are good for your hair or not.

Pros Of Keratin Hair Extensions

It’s Safe For Your Hair

Keratin hair extensions are some of the very few options for hair extensions that are safe for your hair. These extensions are made out of natural hair and the glue or bond with which the extensions are fused to your natural hair is safe for use on your hair and scalp and it won’t lead to an allergic reaction.

Some people have extremely thin hair or sensitive scalps, so these extensions will not damage your hair further.

There Is A Ton Of Variety

Hair extensions are a hit or miss with a lot of people, mostly because they can’t seem to find their shade or required length and that can be hard since you want to make the extensions look as natural as possible.

The good thing about keratin hair extensions is that there is a huge variety of colors, textures, and lengths that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you have naturally straight, wavy, or curly hair, there is something for everyone with keratin hair extensions.

It Looks Natural

The most unique quality of keratin hair extensions is that they have a natural look to them. Once you apply them to your hair, it doesn’t look obvious and the end result is a beautiful length of hair with a lot of volume.

With keratin hair extensions, the fusion technique ensures that your hair and the extensions blend in naturally and there are no weird bumps or knots in your hair, after the fact. You can also easily style your hair with these extensions without having to worry about the extensions peeking through the sections.

Cons Of Keratin Hair Extensions

They Are Expensive

Hair extensions are normally quite expensive, but keratin hair extensions are, by far, the most expensive option from the lot. These extensions take a lot of time to apply and there is a certain technique that goes into making these extensions look seamless.

These extensions will be more expensive if they are made out of real human hair, so you need to have an idea about the expense before committing to them. Not only is the application expensive, but the post-application care is also costly and you need to have a good budget if you want to get these extensions on your hair.

The Application Takes A Lot Of Time

Applying hair extensions is a time-consuming process. But with keratin hair extensions, the process takes even longer. There is a fusing agent at the tip of the extension, which is to be heated in order to adhere to the hair shaft.

The stylist will most probably use a hair tool like a flat iron to heat up the section of hair and make it stick to the root of your hair. The process generally takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete.

They Can Be Uncomfortable

For some people, keratin hair extensions can weigh down their scalp. The adhesive on the extension is normally inert, but it can lead to an uncomfortable feeling on your scalp. There might be tugging and pulling on your hair, but there’s nothing you can really do about it because once the extensions are on, they are hard to remove.

Keratin hair extensions are also sensitive to heating tools, so you need to be careful when using heating or styling tools near the roots because the heat from the tool can lead to the adhesive becoming loose and ruining the look.


There you have it! Keratin hair extensions are a foolproof way of getting somewhat permanent hair extensions because they are sturdy and they are long-lasting. Now that you have an idea about these extensions, you can decide whether you want to go for them or not. Go to a hair extensions salon Bethesda and find the different types of hair extensions you can try.

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