In balayage, sectioning is the game-changer. It is different from sectioning in typical hair dyeing. Now, if you’re here because you’re thinking of getting balayage hair highlights at home. Then, stick around because I will break to you the tips and tricks for perfect sectioning.

End Result?

Perfect, subtle, sun-kissed balayage.

What Is Sectioning For Balayage Highlights

Before heading further, you need to know that you’re going to need a helper in this process. Even in the saloon, usually, two stylists work together to get you a balayage. So, it is strictly not a single-person game. You need a partner.

Once you’ve found yourself a partner to help you, sectioning in balayage is different. Well, that’s because the sections you divide your hair in need to be accurate. Also, in balayage, you do not bleach the roots. The parts of your hair more exposed to the sun are your main target, such as:

  • Front
  • Sides
  • Middle length

Note: If the distance between the sections is a little more than the requirement, it’s not a big deal. But if the sectioning is close enough, the treatment will look more like a highlight than balayage.

Required Tools For The Process

You do not need a lot of stuff for the sectioning. But do keep them with you before starting the process. The Things that you need for perfect sectioning in balayage are:

Brush Or A Wide Tooth Comb

Mainly you need a soft bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb. It will help you detangle your hair and in sectioning them properly.

A Pin Tail Comb

So basically, a pin-tail comb is the Alpha in all the things you need for sectioning. It’ll help you draw a perfect line between two sections.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are the second most important thing you need for sectioning. They keep your hair precisely in sections, not letting them mix with each other.

A Barrier Cream

It is not part of sectioning. But barrier cream is what you need right after sectioning. So that you can apply the bleach freely. A barrier cream, such as Vaseline, will not let your skin and scalp get stained.

Step-By-Step Sectioning In Balayage

Step 1

Firstly, detangle your hair properly with a brush or a comb. If you have thick hair, divide them into sections and brush them. Also, hold the hair section you’re brushing in your hand; this will help prevent hair shedding.

Step 2

Now divide your hair into four sections. This step contains two parts.

Divide your hair from the middle. With the help of a tail comb, draw an even line from your forehead to your neck.

Draw another line from one ear to the other, dividing your hair into 4 sections. Also, you can take the highest point of your ear as a reference.

Step 3

Step 3 is the clipping of the 4 sections because otherwise, your hair will end up mixing together. Use the hair clips and tie the four sections separately.

Step 4

Here you’re going to need the help of the second person. You have to start applying the bleach from the backside. So, your helper will undo any of the sections at your back head and will brush it once again. This act will make sure your hair is detangled.

Step 5

This is the part where you divide the section into different smaller sections. With the help of a tail comb, ask your helper to separate out 1 centimeter of your first lock. Apply bleach to it and wrap it in the tin foil.

Leave 2 centimeters of a distance between two locks and apply bleach to them. This way, you’ll get a natural, subtle, sun-kissed balayage. And if you do not leave enough space between sections, you’ll end up having highlights more than a balayage.

Step 6

Apply the bleach using the step 5 method until you’re done with all four sections. Now let the bleach take its time, and then remove the foil and wash your hair.


Now when you know balayage sectioning, these are a few points you should keep in mind before going for the process:

  • You need someone for help
  • Leave enough hair between each lock
  • Do not wash your hair before balayage

Lastly, if you’re not sure about the process, leave it to the professionals at top rated hair salons Rockville.

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