Renovating a house is an exciting process. However, there are many things that could go wrong. Understanding the scope of the project and choosing the right architects builders are key to achieving success. Therefore, there are some key points you should remember when planning to renovate your house.

Design And Planning

The first step of the process involves designing and planning the entire process. You cannot do this alone. You have to sit down with a professional and present your ideas so that you can receive constructive feedback. A professional builder will share the pros and cons and share ideas that might increase the value of your property in the future.

This is also the perfect time when you finalize the renovation. Otherwise, you will waste an ample amount of time and effort making changes to the initial plan.


If there are certain areas that you wish to completely demolish and rebuild, it is better that you hire a large container where you can shift the waste material. However, be careful during the process not to damage the area that does not need renovation. Once you are done demolishing, move to the next step.

Roof, Water Issues, Siding, And Windows, Etc.

Renovating your house is not only related to cosmetics. You have to ensure that issues related to the roof, water, and windows, etc. are also fixed. The reason being that if you were to ignore water-related issues such as leakages, the water will seep in and ruin the entire thing.

With that being said, you should first start from the roof and progress downwards. The key is to secure the foundation as it is the most important aspect of the house. The second factor involves repairing water connections and windows that might be cracked or worn.

Structural Carpentry

Structural carpentry involves windows and doors etc. If you wish to remove any doors and install new ones along with walls, this is where you do it. You should know that structural carpentry can only be done once the demolition has been done and the foundation has been corrected. Since doors and all other items tend to be expensive, you cannot risk damaging them during demolishing.

HVAC Ductwork, Electrical, And Plumbing

Once the walls have been built and the structural carpentry is done, you should move to HVAC ductwork, electrical and plumbing tasks. Since the walls and ceiling are going to be open, it will make it easier for the renovation team to lay down and install new wires. Make sure that you check all the wires for cracks or damages and replace them when there is a chance. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to repair them later down the road.

Windows & Insulation

Home renovation cannot be complete without windows and insulation. If you have old windows that need to be replaced, this is where you install the new windows and lay the insulation in the walls as well. The reason being that windows with time will develop scratches and it might be that some of them get damaged during the renovation process. Therefore, replace home windows with new ones to bring out the final finish.

Following the windows is insulation. You should make sure that the drywall service is standing by. It is a process that involves laying down the insulation material and closing the walls by hanging, mudding, and sanding. This step will require multiple inspections before finalizing. Make sure that the team achieves a seamless surface.

Interior Finishing

Interior finishing involves adding wallpapers, painting moldings, and trims. This step is amongst the last as detail-oriented finishes can ruin other items and objects. Make sure that everything is dried and things are in their final position. Installing wallpapers and painting the trims requires time and effort. To achieve the perfect finish, professionals have to keep dust from ruining the final look. Therefore, you have to be careful during this step.

Final Word

Once you are done with the interior changes along with the exterior, it all now comes down to the flooring. This stage comes last since it saves the floor from significant damage. Finally, take a good look around the entire renovation with your home remodeling architect DC and correct any flaws or shortcomings.

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