The legal termination of marriage is known as divorce.  In legal separation agreements, husband and wife are allowed to live separately without terminating the marriage agreement between them.

When a husband and wife find it difficult to live together they file a petition before the appropriate courts jointly or separately for divorce and if the court grants the petition the union of marriage between them is terminated and they become two separate individuals who can marry another person if he/she wishes.

All you need to know about legal separation agreements

The period of legal separation may extend as long as the parties concerned wish. The legal separation will contain the agreement between them regarding the maintenance of the children and with whom they are allowed to stay etc. Legal separation can be considered as the passage between marriage and divorce. But at least in some cases living separately opens the eyes of the involved parties leading to reconciliation and living together.

Legal separation is temporary and the marriage is not terminated but is put under suspended animation which can be revamped after a while. But divorce is final and there is no going back anymore. Both the husband and wife in divorce are free to remarry someone and there is no restriction in this regard.

All issues like alimony, child care, property division, etc are handled in legal separation also as in the case of divorce. At any time a legal separation agreement can be converted to divorce as per the request of both the husband and wife.

Why legal separation is necessary in some cases

In some cases, husband and wife may be having some serious problems between them which makes it difficult for them to live together for a while and they are not ready to separate permanently also. In such cases, a legal separation will be the best thing to do because it gives them the freedom to live separately and ponder over the problems and many other issues related to everyday life as well as future life. If the problems are solved during the period of legal separation they can again join hands and live together as husband and wife by just expressing their wish to do so. On the other hand, if they find it impossible to reconcile they can go for divorce also through a divorce lawyer.

The period of legal separation gives you a cleaner and stress-free mind to decide whether to continue with your partner and to decide what to do with the children in case of divorce.

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