It is very important to stay in touch with your child support lawyer when you need to get some amount in the name of child support from your ex. Most of times, people do betray once case is closed and things get settled so here are some tips when you feel get betrayed.

Asking for child support

  1. Talk to Your Ex

Any matter having problems first needs to be addressed calmly so things might get settled easily. Your divorce lawyer would also suggest you the same when such thing happens once agreements are done. You need to speak to your ex about payments that what caused them to delay since he/she might be facing some financial issues or have legitimate explanation and settle the amount next month. Maybe talking to them can easily solve the problem rather than reaching out court and situation gets more messed up.

  1. Reaching Out Legal Authorities

When speaking to your ex does not help you then it is better not to wait and consult your child custody as quickly as possible. Lawyers can better make your ex understand about the consequences of not paying agreed child support on time. Also, it is easy to communicate about the reason of not paying child support is better than being called in court and bring everything on paper again. This can make your ex realize that ignoring the situation is not an option and communicating reasons might help in getting proper resolution.

  1. Informing CMS

You can inform CMS with the help of your divorce lawyer as they can be of great help too in giving any resolution of not getting child support from your ex. CMS is very powerful in assisting the recovery of payments from your ex and come up with legit results that can be of great help for you. Also if the reason of not paying is very genuine then CMS can also help your ex in reducing the child support amount. For instance, if there is unemployment issue on your ex side then they might get some relaxation from CMS so it is in best favor of both the partners and of course your children as well.

  1. Keep Records of Non-Payment

You might ignore the first time your ex misses the payment but you have to keep records whenever you are not paid the agreed amount. It is not difficult to keep records as your ex might be paying you online or bank transfers or maybe money orders so the online and offline receipts should be saved in a separate folder. Also, keep child support order very carefully with you in which all agreements are made between you both. This document is very important and your child support lawyers also keep one copy with them for their record usually.

  1. Put Lien on Property of Ex

This is the case when your ex does not money physically but have a good enough property on his/her name. In this condition, you can ask court to put lien on property of your ex as this will not let your ex sell the property or put any proper name on the property. Also if your ex has the rental property then the court will place order to pay rent directly to you. This will continue until the debt is clear so you can put some legal pressure on your ex when you see some reluctance in getting amount from their side.

  1. Try for Income Withholding Order

When all other solutions do not work then you can try to get an income withholding order with the help of your divorce lawyer fairfax va. This order will help you in getting the desired amount directly from the employer of your ex and the amount will automatically be deducted from his/her salary. This method is an approved and legal way of getting child support when your ex fails to pay the amount otherwise. Though the process of order execution might take four to six weeks but it is better to go for it when no other option looks workable. It is a kind of similar process as health insurance works like taking money off the top directly.

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