A truck-mounted crane or truck-loader crane is referred to as a crane that is usually mounted on the rear of a truck that is used to load and unload goods. These cranes are used around the globe in different industries and can lift heavy weight while being transported easily at the same time. All crane services and boom truck rentals have loader cranes. So, let’s take a deeper look into how loader cranes make it easy to lift and shift loads and what other uses they have.

What Are The Types Of Truck-Mounted Loader Cranes?

There are two popular types of truck-mounted loader cranes, the knuckle boom-truck mounted crane and a single-boom crane. The knuckle-boom truck-mounted crane comes with two booms along with a fixed hook at the end of each outer boom.

On the other hand, the single-boom crane has a boom that extends and uses a hook on the cables to adjust the height of the load. You must have come across single-boom cranes being used for vehicle recovery. The reason is that these cranes are not able to access difficult spaces as knuckle boom cranes can.

For instance, a knuckle boom crane can access the fourth-floor window of an apartment complex as it has extra articulation in the boom.

What Are The Advantages Of A Truck Loader Crane?

A truck loader crane has several benefits to offer. To begin with, it can be used as a forklift if the crane is not needed. Plus, as these cranes are operated by drivers, you can easily transport them from one place to another without having to assemble and disassemble each time.

Moving on, truck loader cranes are reliable and require relatively less maintenance than other types. All you need to do is make sure the oils are changed and the lifting mechanism is in perfect working condition. And since these cranes are not designed to lift extremely heavy weights, they can be driven on highways and narrow streets without needing a special permit.

How Is A Truck Loader Crane Controlled?

A truck loader crane is controlled using the power take-off. Most newer truck loader cranes come with a multiple switch panel located on either side of the vehicle along with a remote control that allows the operator to lift and put down a load by standing at a safe distance.

Although the operator can control each and every function of the crane using the remote control but not the outriggers. For a truck loader crane to function, the outriggers must be deployed first. The outriggers add to the stability of the crane and can lift and shift loads from another truck or transporting vehicle. Keep in mind these cranes are not designed to lift extremely heavy loads.

At the same time, every loader crane comes with a maximum weight-lifting limit. Before you can lift a load using the machine, it is important that you become aware of its maximum lifting capacity. Otherwise, the load can fall and lead to severe injuries to the people on the ground.

Does A Loader Crane Require Inspection?

Yes, cranes regardless of the type and size require professional inspections. In fact, some states have strict rules & regulations pertaining to the maintenance and inspection of the machines. Not only are the relevant local authorities responsible for looking after the machines but also the contract and the operator.

For instance, some states have rules that require an operator to perform a general inspection of the machine before lifting the loads to spot any cracks or damage. These findings are to be reported and recorded in a manual.

At the same time, the contractor should also make sure the machine is properly looked after and any visible or unusual signs are reported to the mechanic to be fixed before the crane can be used.

Ignorance of maintenance and basic safety protocols can lead to extreme consequences such as the loss of lives on the ground and in the surrounding.

Final Word

In the end, truck-mounted loader cranes are effective and efficient weight-lifting machines. They are easy to operate and require basic maintenance to keep them working in perfect condition. So, if you are planning on buying or renting one, make sure that you go through the advantages and uses to ensure it satisfies your purpose. Consult rigging companies MD for lifting and moving heavy loads with safety.

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