There was a time when Instagram was used by the masses as a social media platform. But with increasing competition, more and more businesses are joining the platform to expand their reach. But many don’t know how to get reviews on Instagram. That said, if you are running a business through Instagram, here are some ways you can keep track of your customers and their feedback.

Encourage Followers To Share Feedback

Encouraging your followers to share feedback is one of the best ways to keep up to date with customer sentiments. Since most customers prefer not sharing feedback in terms of their thoughts and experiences, you should always encourage them, be it positive or negative.

The reason most customers do not share feedback is that they believe businesses do not care about it. However, this is where you get to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Thank your customers upon receiving a positive review and work on your flaws if a customer was left disappointed.

Provide Customer Service On The Platform

Social media platforms are getting big with each passing day. Most users average between 18-29 years of age that use social media apps on a daily basis. That said, you should consider offering customer service via Instagram.

If you are sharing your products and services on your page, you can expect followers to ask some questions. Therefore, engaging in a chat or voice call not only increases customer satisfaction but also helps share feedback. This is why prominent businesses and brands promptly respond to customer requests on Instagram.

Ask Questions About Your Product

Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to become aware of what your customers think about your product is to simply ask them questions. This way, your customers and followers will realize that you are serious about your products and are willing to improve them.

As a result, they will feel that they are part of something important and will respond each time you ask them questions. These questions come in handy while building or planning new products or services. Having an insight into what customers really want, you can come up with a hit each time.

Organize Q&A Sessions

No matter how good your product is, your customers will always have some questions to ask about it. However, some customers will shy away from asking and that is why you need to organize a Q&A session. Since these sessions are available for a limited period of time, your followers and customers will feel the need to respond. Otherwise, they would feel as if they are missing out on something important.

Listen Proactively To Your Followers

Recent studies have confirmed that social media plays a successful role in connecting brands with people. The majority of the customers prefer shopping on social media to help make the right decision. At the same time, the experiences are shared by the customers and followers, which adds to the feedback.

This way, brands can actively collect customer feedback without being pushy. However, as a business, you will need to accept the negative reviews as well. Most businesses act professionally as long as the positive reviews are coming in but when it comes to negative reviews, they either hide or delete them.

This can hurt your business’s reputation if someone happens to find out that you were not being transparent.

Read Your Followers’ Comments

When it comes to consumer-company relationships, Instagram comments play a crucial role. Customers and followers share their opinions and feedback and get heard. This means the more comments, the more insight. And plus, if you want to keep the comments and feedback coming, you will need to engage with your followers and customers.

Engaging with your customers brings you closer to your audience and the same goes for your customers as well. Your customers and followers will only share feedback as long as they realize you are willing to hear and work on them.

Final Word

Concluding, Instagram doesn’t have a review system of its own, but there are several different ways to generate reviews on Instagram. However, you will need to encourage and keep yourself engaged to keep your customers and followers from losing attention and focus on your business.

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