Commercial dishwashers are heavy-duty appliances that are designed to clean hundreds of dishes at the same time. Restaurants and other similar industries use commercial dishwashers to serve customers meals on shiny new dishes. This is only possible if commercial dishwasher repairs and maintenance are done regularly. This includes looking them after at the end of each working day. Let’s discuss!

Scrape Off Food Debris From Dishes

As mentioned earlier, restaurants are quite busy places. As soon as a customer gets up and leaves, another one is waiting to check in. This means the restaurant has to keep up with the pace. Behind the scenes, commercial dishwashers make sure that every glassware item is free of leftovers, and bad odor and comes out looking new.

However, commercial dishwashers are not fully responsible for cleaning the dishware. It is the responsibility of the staff as well to remove and scrape off food debris from the dishes. Otherwise, the leftovers will accumulate inside the machine and lead to blockages.

Therefore, one of the first things to do at the end of each working day when it comes to commercial dishwashers is to ensure the machine is free of leftovers and debris.

Follow The Manual

Every manufacturer shares a manual with the owner, which highlights important tips to extend the life of commercial dishwashers. The manuals differ based on the type and version of the machine. If you own an expensive machine like a commercial dishwasher, you should always follow the manual.

The reason is that it holds all basic information about repair and maintenance. Even then, we try to figure out things on our own, which can lead to expensive damages. At the end of each working day, follow the user’s manual and go through the recommendations of the manufacturer. This way, you will be performing preventive maintenance to keep expensive repairs at bay.

Regularly Check Chemicals

In addition to making sure the food debris is scraped and does not end up inside the machine and following the manual, you should also regularly check the chemicals/detergents used by the machine. This is equally important as the chemicals help produce sparkly clean dishes.

If you were to opt for cheap and low or high concentrations, chances are the customers will complain. Plus, the chemicals come with an expiry date as well. Therefore, using expired detergents can lead to a bad odor, putting off the customers.

Clean The Inside Daily

Since the inside of the commercial dishwasher is where the magic takes place, it should be cleaned at the end of each working day. You should train your staff to look after the appliance and ensure there is nothing stuck inside that could cause trouble during business hours.

Ignoring cleaning the inside might reduce the cleaning efficiency of the dishwasher. As a result, the dishes will hardly come out clean. To clean the inside of the machine, you will again need to consult the user’s manual to see the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only use the chemicals and tools advised by the manufacturer to keep your appliance running smoothly.

Clean The Nozzles

Commercial dishwashers come with removable rinse rotors or arms that contain nozzles. The nozzles can easily become clogged due to food solids, limescale, and other debris. This results in the reduction of the water pressure, not allowing the water inside to clean the dishes properly.

Therefore, these wash arms and nozzles must be removed after each cycle to make sure they are clean. If the nozzles are blocked, use something sharp with running water to remove the blockage.

However, make sure that you do not use something excessively sharp, damaging the nozzles. If you are not able to do so, you should consult a professional who will use special tools and equipment to help return the nozzles to their normal condition.

Final Word

To conclude, commercial dishwashers require maintenance like many other commercial appliances. You need these expensive machines to work for years to make your investment worth it and the best way to do that is by following the tips mentioned above. You may find the process time-consuming and labor-intensive but will pay you off in the future. Moreover, make sure to schedule inspections by a commercial kitchen appliance repair Alexandria technician.

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