After deciding what type of countertop suits your needs, there comes the time to decide what color you want to compliment your kitchen décor. Let’s talk about the colors in trend. There are many, but you have to choose according to your need and usage. So, here are the few most popular colors for marble, quartz and granite kitchen countertops.

Gray Or Undertone Countertops

Gray is the most popular color used for all types of kitchens. It is mid-tone and gives your kitchen a colder look. So, preferably if you’re living in a warm region, choosing gray is the most subtle option.

Also, it gives your kitchen more light and a tidy look with less attention. Depending upon the type of countertop, you don’t even need to seal it regularly. Just a few wipes of a soaped cloth and you’re good to go.

Gray or undertone countertops go best with darker cabinets that are built in different designs. It is because they will create a balance of colors between those cabinets. These colors also do give a modish look with lighter tone cabinets.

Flecked White Countertops

Mostly, people hesitate a lot before going for white. It is because it takes a lot of care and attention. And for a kitchen with high traffic, it is almost a NO for the white countertops. But, if you still want to go for the white to complement your modern kitchen, then you can go for the flecked white countertops.

The veining over the white color veils that mild stain of a cup or some sauce plate, which otherwise will appear clearly on white. And especially, the white tone of the countertop will make your small kitchen look bigger, allowing more visual space and light.

Pure White Countertops

If you’re a small family with grown-up kids, you can go for the white countertops. Although even the grown-ups sometimes mess with the countertops. But, still, white is an intensively used color. It gives your kitchen a mode and a celebrity look. Even a more straightforward kitchen changes into something sophisticated.

Also, pure white countertops are manufactured stones. So, you can use them for years without the fear of irremovable stains. It just needs proper cleaning to ward off the regular dust or a few utensil stains, and you’re good to go. Indeed, white gives an illusion of more space to your minimalist kitchen.

Wooden Countertops

If you’re too fond of wood and can’t get enough of it, then you can install wooden countertops too. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen is already filled with a lot of wood, such as wooden cabinets. The wood countertops are still going to hold their grace.

Also, you might have seen the wooden island counters quite often. But you can put the wood in other places, such as on the chopping counter. You can complement these countertops with stone slabs and steel sinks fitted in those slabs.

The wood countertops also do range in color from light to dark. The lighter color countertops will give you a farmhouse-inspired look. While the darker shades are shiny, giving a more modest and voguish look.

Dark Or Black Countertops

As the white color countertops open up space visually, the darker countertops make it look like a cave; that’s just a myth. The darker colors make your kitchen look clean and tidy, even with a bit of care.

And when you add light to space, it becomes cozier. Therefore, if you have ample space and want to give it a contemporary yet royal look, you can add black granite or quartz countertops and black cabinets, and the island. But there must be enough light in the room, either natural or artificial, to make it look mod and airy.


If your kitchen’s overall outlook is simple, you can add a little drama to it with boldly veined countertops. These countertops can vary in color from undertones to black, but the veins over the countertops create the drama. It depends on your size of the kitchen and how much drama you can withhold, as in the case of a larger kitchen, you can add a larger amount of dramatic stone compared to the compact one. Talk with your granite countertop installer Durham NC and choose a unique color for your kitchen countertop.

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