Different people have different roles and responsibilities in a wedding party. For instance, one person might have the responsibility of arranging all the wedding tent rentals and other important resources for the wedding. Similarly, another person may be responsible for all the music and similar activities.

Of course, these are some of the things that any body can do. However, there are also some specific roles and responsibilities of various people on the wedding party.

Roles in a wedding party

In this article, we discuss all the responsibilities and roles of different people on the wedding party. This will help you out in organizing everything in your wedding party better. So, read this article until the very end and assign the roles accordingly on the wedding party.

Groom and Bride

The roles of groom and bride are the biggest ones, since they are the ones who are about to get married. They should also be the one to assign different roles to people who are willing to help them out with their wedding preparations.

Basically, both the bride and the groom work together on setting the budget of the wedding theme, the date, style, and the wedding site too. Along with that, they have the role of meeting with the officiant of the ceremony to discuss various details.

Along with that, both bride and groom coordinate flowers, photographers, and invites for the wedding too. Along with that, they are the one that shop for the wedding and choose the wedding dresses along with the wows.

Furthermore, both of them are also responsible for finalizing a guest list from both sides of the family. For instance, the bride also chooses the honor attendant and bridesmaids. Similarly, the groom also chooses the groomsmen and the best man. Alon with that, both the bride and the groom also buy gifts for the bride and the attendants on both sides.


Both the parents of the brides and grooms typically add some financial support for both the bride and the groom if necessary. Furthermore, they also host the engagement party. The parents usually offer their support in all the responsibilities that the bride and groom have. However, this is simply voluntary support and is not a responsibility that they must bear. But of course, if the parents are willing to help out the bride and the groom, that is great. However, they should not be obliged to do that.

Maid of honor

Brides rely a lot on the maid of honor on the wedding party. Typically, the maid of honor is either the closest friend or the sister of the bride. Along with that, if the maid of honor is married, then she is called matron of honor instead.

The duties of maid of honor includes coordinating activities of the bridesmaid and the bride. Typically, the maid of honor is a person whom the bride trusts fully and is responsible enough. After all, being a maid of honor is an extremely big responsibility that one must bear. So, it is very important.


Bridesmaids can be as many as a bride wants. These are the people who accompany the bride. Though typically, the limit is set to around 12. They can be married or single and can be of any age. At the same time, girls who are between the age of 8 and 16 are referred to as junior bridesmaids.


It is extremely important for you to remember these roles and responsibilities when you are arranging a wedding party for yourself. Make sure that the prerequisites such as finding party tent rentals Rockland NY for your wedding party are already handled by you.

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