Cranes are really heavy construction equipment which are used in both small and large projects to lift and move heavy materials around. But cranes are still prone to significant damage if not used with care. So, well trained people are needed to help operate the cranes safely. There are specific crane safety standards that both crane services and construction staff should follow in order to make the use of cranes on construction sites risk free.

There are some people on the construction site whose job is to make the use of cranes smooth and risk free for all the other workers. Their training can affect the safety of everyone else. That’s why they must do their duty in a good manner.

The Crane Operator

Your crane operator must be trained and certified to use the specific model of the crane you’re using. Employers are responsible for the certification of their crane operator and for all the related expenses as well. You can choose from your own audited employer program, accredited testing organization, US military, and local government/ state licenses to get your crane operator certified.

Before they are certified, crane operators are tested via a practical and knowledge-based test, and their abilities are tested thoroughly. So, you should provide all your crane operators with proper training, and should get their skills tested before letting them handle a crane.


Spotters are people that signal the crane operator and instruct them to ensure the safety of the work site. They are used when the work site is not in the view of the crane operator, or if there are any safety concerns on the work site. You should also provide the spotters with proper training since they are (effectively) the crane spotter’s eyes on the ground.

Your spotters must know different signals used in crane operations, and must have passed a practical and written test. They must also know how different crane models operate.

Director And Assembly And Disassembly

While it might look simple, assembly and disassembly of a crane is not an easy task. You in fact need a director to ensure safe assembly and disassembly of your crane. The director you hire must be competent and experienced in addition to being certified.

Your director must know the whole assembly and disassembly process himself, must review every procedure before starting the work, assign tasks to every crew member and supervise them throughout the process and minimize workplace hazards during both the processes.


You must also employ experienced riggers for different things like hooking, guiding and unhooked loads, and for crane assembly/disassembly work. You’ll also need riggers to be in the fall zone to manage the load. A qualified rigger makes sure that the load is rigged properly.

The riggers you hire must have a professional training and degree reflecting their competence. They should also know how to solve different problems that they might face while rigging.


While you won’t need to get your crane inspectors certified, they must have proper experience of doing their job. Crane inspections can range from simple to complex, and you must have competent inspectors to inspect the crane.

Different inspections might also require different types of inspectors to do the job. So, you should always have qualified and experienced inspectors available for the job, as this helps ensure the security of your work site, the crane, and also your workers.

The Importance Of Proper Training

If you’re using cranes on a construction site, you should make sure that the construction site is fully safe from your workers related to cranes. Even if you rent cranes and don’t own them, you should still properly train your workers to be safe from train related injuries and problems.

All of your workers must know how to avoid hazards on the work site, and proper training is the first step to achieving this goal. The training should also be well-organized and engaging to help increase the retention and application percentage.

Your workers and operators must also be competent and fully determined to be safe and secure on the work site. This is how you can ensure safety on the construction site where cranes are being used for different tasks. Also, make sure the cranes you get from crane for rent VA providers are in flawless condition.

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