Selling a house and that too in 30 days can make you go into “crazy mode”. It can indeed be stressful but not if you are prepared for it and have the help of a reliable realtor. Therefore, you are at the right place and we are here to help you with just that. Follow us.

Depersonalize Your House

The first thing that real estate agents suggest is packing up all your personal and essential belongings – be it photographs, perfumes given as gifts, clothes, and other stuff. You would want to remove any such thing that might put off the buyer and give him/her an excuse to negotiate on the price.

A house that is relieved of furniture and other things will help buyers envision the house with their own settings. That way, it becomes easy for them to have an idea about how the house will look with their things settled in.

Declutter Your House

Over the years, everybody is prone to collecting things that hold sentimental value as there is a certain connection to things but in reality, they are of no practical use and you do not need them. You can discard them in a useful way by donating them to an orphanage, putting on sale, or any non-profit organization.

The best thing about this is that these are tax-deductible and needlessly to say that they are going to help those who need them. If that is not possible you can ask your town to collect the items, normally which they schedule picking up twice a month.

Organize Bedroom Closets and Storage Cabinets

Storage is an important factor that is looked upon when purchasing a house. Buyers would stress a lot on storage capacity as well as the number and size of cabinets to have an idea. Therefore, it would be better if you organize things so that they have a clear view. Unorganized things will only present a negative view.

If things seem to be organized, it will present a positive image that you have taken good care of the house. Clothes in closets should be properly hanged, jars, cabinets, and dishes in the kitchen should be clean and alphabetized.

Renting a Storage Unit

Consider renting a storage unit if you do not have space to store your things. These are easily available on affordable rents and are secure as well. A house with a modest amount of furniture will always look good as compared to a house that has things around every corner. Therefore, you can remove any furniture and artwork that may hamper the path or block it.

Remove or Replace Favorite Items

If you have certain things installed in the house and you need to take them along with you, remove them before showing the house to the buyer or inform beforehand that the following items are not included and will be removed. If it is the situation otherwise, the buyer will automatically assume that everything comes with the house and you will not be able to remove the chandelier later on gifted by your grandmother.

Do Minor Repairs

Minor repairs in most cases will give you an advantage over the buyer when it comes to negotiations. If there happen to be any floors that are cracked and holes in the walls etc. You might want to consider getting them repaired. Doors that are squeaky and drawers that jam while closing or opening will definitely need repairs. Kitchen countertops that are cracked should be repaired and any water leakages in the house must be fixed too.

If you happen to have unique wallpapers or paint job done to the walls, consider repainting them in a normal tone because you would not want your house to be remembered as “the one with purple bathroom”.

Make the House Sparkle

The last thing you would want is your house to sparkle when it is presented to the seller and for that, you might want to hire a professional cleaning crew. Cleaning the house will require cleaning the windows, bathtubs, polishing chrome, washing the sidewalks, and the exterior. It not only becomes easy for your seller’s agent to get more offers for your house but it can also help you secure a good deal. Moreover, a sparkling house will only provoke a buyer more towards purchasing the house.

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