There is a lot of responsibility involved in homeownership. Apart from paying the mortgage well on time, you also have to look at all the home functions and ensure that everything works fine. Among all of these things, the maintenance of HVAC through HVAC companies may not be the most glamorous thing in particular. However, it is an important part of good homeownership.

HVAC stands for ‘Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This entire system is responsible for the maintenance of the right temperature in the house, especially during the winter season. Furthermore, this system is also primarily responsible for good energy efficiency and optimal air quality.

However, it is important to note that the maintenance of HVAC at home is always preventative and proactive. This means that basically, you will be doing work for the prevention of future problems. These problems may include things like corrosion, leaks, and a range of other issues with the distribution of hot air. This may also include dirty coils and clogged filters. Hence, it is very important to stay ahead of the maintenance and repair tasks.

Common problems with HVAC

As we have mentioned above, HVAC systems may face several different problems. Knowing all of these problems can be of great advantage. Here are a few common problems that HVAC systems face:


Do remember that all HVAC connectors and drain lines can develop leaks. Due to these leaks, the system is forced to run harder which would ultimately require you to repair components. So, always check for the leaks in the heat exchanger and the AC condensate lines.

Dirt and debris

Every component in an HVAC unit including electric panel, filters, and everything else in between can collect dirt and debris. As a result of this, the system will start working inefficiently. This debris might include dust, allergens and dirty filters that will get pumped in your home. Because of this, your heating system may potentially get clogged and the airflow/quality will get reduced significantly.


Last but not least, the moisture in your house may cause the metal components in your HVAC system to start corroding. Corroding is possible on all types of terminals and wires that are related to an HVAC system. Generally, though, it may result in your heating system turning off and on repeatedly on its own. Just like leaking, corroded components will force the HVAC system to work harder than it has to. This may result in a total break-down of the equipment over some time. Furthermore, it will also result in high electricity cost.

What about the repair costs?

Well, HVAC repair costs will simply depend on the extent to which your unit is damaged. As far as you are only taking preventive measures, then you will not have to spend much. In case you are hiring a technician for the routine maintenance, then you may have to spend anywhere from $70 to $100 on it.

However, luckily, you do not have to bear these costs again and again. Rather, maintenance of the HVAC unit once in a season (once every year) would be enough. Just make sure that the unit is properly inspected before you turn it on every season.

Ending note

Maintenance of HVAC units is not difficult, for as long as you are taking the proactive and preventive measurements. However, if your heating unit goes back, chances are that you will have to reach out to HVAC and furnace repair services Arlington VA. In that case, only a technician with skilled knowledge will be able to help you out.

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