The hair transplantation industry has grown drastically over the last decade. People are becoming more relaxed about hair transplant centers and their work.

About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant in easiest words is removing a patch of hair from one part of the body to the bald patch of the scalp.  This is done through a surgical method, there are many facts and myths that circulate around hair transplant, most of these myths cause people to not opt for hair transplant.  So here we are revealing the truth about the myths of hair transplant.

Hair Transplantation facts and myths

Myth # 1: No more hair fall

This is the most popular belief that one you have gone under the knife and gotten a transplant there will be no more hair fall, but the fact is that hair transplant doesn’t prevent hair loss, you will need treatments and hair ointments to prevent anymore hair loss.

Myth # 2: The elderly can’t have one

When they say age is just a number, they are right; it is just a number when it comes to hair transplant. Your age doesn’t determine whether you can have one or not, rather the hair at the back of your hair is the determinant of whether you can have a transplant or not. You can get all the information about this at any hair transplant center near you.

Myth # 3: The result will look unnatural

Like the other silly myths this is not true either, the surgeons doing the transplant make sure that it will look as natural as possible because they want to make it look realistic and not fake.

Myth # 4: It’s expensive

It’s actually not that expensive, the cost depends upon the grafting and patching that will be needed, the more grafts you need the more expensive it will get but its affordable even then.

Myth # 5: The surgery won’t leave a scar

Every hair transplant surgery leaves a scar however minute; some high-tech surgeries leave only dots that are not visible either. Doctors at the hair transplant centers make sure that you understand and know how big the scar will be.

Myth # 6: It affects the brain

This is the most laughable myth ever, the treatment works on the skin only, and it doesn’t go any deeper than the skin, so it doesn’t affect the brain in any possible way.

Myth # 7: It’s painful

It’s a popular believe that the treatment, surgery and the aftermath of the surgery is painful, that’s a myth, the surgery is done under anesthesia and it’s not painful, you won’t have any lingering effects either.

Myth # 8: Getting it done as soon as possible

Most people believe that if you get the surgery done at the earliest stage of your hair loss it will prevent further hair loss, which isn’t true. The Doctors can’t determine whether there will be anymore hair loss or not, so its

Myth # 9: Better to get it done on a later stage rather than at the early stage

Bigger grafts are better than the smaller ones: this isn’t true either; the smaller the graft is the natural the hair will look. Smaller grafts make the hair look natural as well as thicker. Larger grafts, on the other hand, look artificial

Myth # 10: Women can’t have hair transplantation

Though the transplant is very popular in men but women can have the transplant as well, as both genders suffer from the same problem. Hair transplant can aid men as well as women to overcome the shame of losing hair.

Myth # 11: Hair fall

The rumor that the transplanted hair can fall of after some time is just a myth, the transplanted hair adapt along with the real hair and assume the normal growth behavior of the actual hair on your scalp.

Myth # 12: Someone else’s hair can be used

This is not correct, you need to be your own donor, if you try using someone else’s hair the body would simply reject it, you need your own hair to get the transplant, the treatment isn’t for you if you have a bald hair and no hair to donate.

Myth # 13: Washing the hair affects the growth

Your shampoo and conditioner don’t affect the transplanted hair in any way, it doesn’t shun the growth of the hair either, and this is another myth that circles the hair transplant industry as well.

After reading all the myths and fact we are sure that you are now clear on the idea of hair transplant, the surgery isn’t as scary as it has been rumored.

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