Itchy throat is the worst feeling ever. Your throat feels like it’s on fire and you can’t even swallow food without feeling a twinge of discomfort. It can be caused by allergies as well and if you have a history of allergies, you must get an appointment of an allergy specialist. Below what to know about itchy throat and its occurrence in allergies.

Itchy Throat

An itchy throat can occur due to an infection in your throat. It can arise because of allergies, primarily. If you get an allergic reaction, the first thing that will be targeted is usually your throat. Your throat will feel constricted and congested and swallowing will be a nightmare. Allergies can affect your throat and it’s one of the most common symptoms of any allergic reaction. It can also be caused because of drinking too much cold water or eating super tangy things. Regardless, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Itchy throat is the inflammation of the throat, which causes that weird burning sensation and it can also affect your nose and ears. Since the ears, nose and throat are interconnected, you will feel the effects of one severity on all of the things, so that can make things extremely difficult.

Your ears might be itchy and they might also be blocked, because of excessive wax or mucus being trapped. Your nose will feel runny and congested, and breathing in and out will be hard for you, and your throat will already be in throes of pain.

Causes Of An Itchy Throat

Here are some causes of an itchy throat, more specifically, the types of allergies that can cause an itchy throat.

  • Hay fever or allergic rhinitis can cause an itchy throat. It’s one of the most common symptoms of this allergy, so you will feel a lot of discomfort in the throat and it will feel as though there’s something stuck in your throat and you can’t get it out.
  • Pollen allergy can also cause an itchy or sore throat. The pollen can go inside your throat, either through your mouth or nose and it can cause inflammation in the throat.
  • If you suffer from severe pet allergies and can’t stand pet hair, fur, or dander, then it can also lead to a painful and uncomfortable feeling in your throat. The pet dander can cause swelling in the base of the throat and it can lead to disastrous results, as far as the throat is concerned.
  • Mold allergies are also the main culprit in leading to an itchy throat. If you’ve come in contact with a mold spore, then it’s highly likely that your throat will be affected.

Symptoms Of Itchy Throat

Now that you know how an itchy throat is caused, here are some symptoms on how to pinpoint exactly what you’re suffering from and when you should go to a general physician or an allergy clinic Germantown.

  • You will feel a burning and uncomfortable feeling in your throat. It will be similar to the feeling when your throat is congested and you will feel discomfort.
  • Your throat might show signs of inflammation, either physically or there might be evidence of it when you try to swallow your food. It can lead to severe difficulty in trying to swallow the food and you won’t be able to get the ball of food down without feeling pain.
  • You’re constantly clearing your throat. This is also a huge sign because an itchy throat can lead to a sensation that feels as though something is stuck in your throat and you are going to try your hardest to get it out by clearing your throat and swallowing.
  • The base of your tongue will feel super itchy and there will be general discomfort.
  • Your voice may start to give up on you. It will sound deeper and it just won’t be the same. This is also another huge sign of an itchy throat.
  • Upon coughing, you will feel that mucus is trying to come out. Even if you’re not coughing, you will still feel the build-up of mucus in your throat and that’s a really weird feeling.

Treatment For Itchy Or Sore Throat

Here are some medical treatments for an itchy throat.

Throat Medication

Throat medicine will work wonders for you. If you feel like the itch has turned worse, then you can resort to using medication that will lubricate your throat and you will feel comfort and relief in no time. The key is to keep the throat lubricated with an effective medicine to get rid of the scratchy feeling.


Antihistamines can also work wonders for you. The great thing about antihistamines is that they can also help you deal with fever or runny nose that’s accompanied by a sore throat and that’s going to make you feel so much better.

Your doctor can prescribe them to you. However, some antihistamines are also over-the-counter drugs which you can buy from any drug store. It’s really easy to deal with an itchy throat in this way and you will feel a million times better than before in no time. So, when in doubt, remember that antihistamines always work.

Allergy Medication

Your allergy medication can also help to treat the symptoms. If you get a sudden allergy attack, it’s better to keep your medicine handy so that you can combat the symptoms right away. This will make you feel better and you won’t be in constant pain.

Home Remedies For Itchy Throat

Besides medication, there are also a bunch of home remedies that can help with an itchy throat. So, before resorting to medicine, try out these tips too:

Cough Drops

You can try medicated cough drops to lubricate your irritated throat. These drops are minty and they have amazing ingredients in them that are going to help with your itchy throat and you might not even need medication afterwards.

Take a few cough drops after an interval of 2 to 3 hours or whenever you feel like the irritation is getting too much and you need something to combat it.

Warm Liquids

Drink warm liquids and avoid cold drinks. This is going to soothe your neck and you will feel like your throat is getting a warm hug from the inside and it’s the best feeling ever. This is the time when you can drink all of the hot beverages and there’s going to be no one stopping you.


Steam can also clear the path of a blocked nose and it works for an itchy throat as well. If you’re prone to allergies and want to do something about your throat, then a nice and long steam with a few drops of eucalyptus will help you a lot. You will feel better in no time.

Warm Soups

Lastly, sipping on warm soups will also soothe your throat. So, alongside beverages, switch to hot foods that are slurp-worthy and if it’s winter, then it’ll be a treat.


An itchy throat is a real pain in the neck in the literal and figurative sense. However, it’s also pretty easy to cure and now you know all of the ways by which you can do so. If you can’t swallow anything or it’s very uncomfortable, go to an allergy doctor Manassas.

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