If you want thick and luscious lashes, there are many hair salon procedures that can be done on your eyes. Here is everything you need to know about eyelash extensions and eyelash lift.

Eyelash Extensions

What Are They?

Think of eyelash extensions as hair extensions but for your eyes. It is a procedure that fuses your natural lashes and fake individual lashes, which are usually made out of animal hair or a faux material, with a safe adhesive for the eyes. This procedure is used to make your lashes long, fuller and thicker and there will be an obvious change in your lashes after the fact.

This process takes about an hour or so to complete and you need to take care of them in order to make them last longer, because they can be expensive to get, depending on where you get the procedure done from.

How Are They Done?

The most general process of lash extensions involves the cleaning of the lash line, so there isn’t any oil, debris, or dirt in your lash or on the base of the lash line. Afterward, the style of lashes is selected. There are natural extensions, fuller extensions, and even longer lash extensions.

After choosing the right design and shape for your lashes and eyes, the technician will apply adhesive on your lashes and will start to apply the individual extensions for a more natural and sporadic look. The adhesive is left to dry and then the lashes and extensions are brushed out and fanned for a cleaner and blended look.

Are They Better?

Eyelash extensions are better because they tend to last longer. They can look a little unnatural, but you can rectify that by selecting a more muted and natural lash extension type. As far as care for lash extensions is concerned, you need to avoid makeup and mascara on them as much as you can and when you are removing eye makeup, you need to be extremely careful around the lashes as you don’t want to rip them off your eyes.

Lash Lift

What Is It?

Lash lift is more like a remodel for your lashes. There are no extensions involved in this process. It is just the enhancement of your natural lashes. This can be done on any type of lash, but the best results are on those people who already have thick and long lashes and the lash lift can intensify the look and length of the lashes.

The biggest disadvantage of lash lift is that it won’t make much of a difference in people who have sparse, thin, and small lashes. As a matter of fact, the thin lashes will droop down and the whole look will be ruined.

Procedure For Lifting Lashes

A lash lift involves the use of a curler and other setting products which will keep your lashes in place for a good amount of time. First, your lashes are cleaned and then a sealing solution is applied to them in order to keep each lash separate and fanned out.

From here, a heating tool is used to fuse the treatment in place and it also curls your lashes as you go. This process is done in a matter of minutes or an hour maximum. You will be out the door with natural and pronounced lashes in no time.

Is It Long Lasting?

A lash lift will only last a couple of weeks, around 4 to 6 weeks, which is why you need to frequently visit the salon to get it touched up. It is a great option for people who have sensitive eyes and cannot fathom the fact that fake hair will be applied to their lashes.

Some people can have adverse reactions to eyelash extensions so this is the next best option, which is more natural and has no side effects but it is quite temporary and it can add up if you do it frequently.


There you have it! These two procedures are completely different from one another and they have their own unique results and features. Now, it’s up to you, which one you want to go for. You can also visit an eyelash extension salon and discuss your priorities with the hairstylist to choose the right eyelash treatment. hypno

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