There is no doubt that window tints offer both privacy and protection. But you need to keep in mind that every state has different laws regarding car window tints. This means if you are planning auto glass tinting, you should be aware of the regulations to avoid legal complications. So, if you are living in Washington DC and want to know about the window tint laws, we are going to share everything you need to know. Let’s begin!

Understanding The Basics

When it comes to window tints, the authorities consider what is called “VLT” or “Visible Light Transmission” ratio or percentage. This percentage basically highlights the amount of visible light that gets through the car windows. In other words, the darker the window tints, the lower the VLT value.

Vehicle owners opt for different VLT percentage tints based on their needs and preferences. If someone has a security concern and needs privacy or has a medical condition, they can opt for a very dark window tint but they will require a permit from the government.

As a general rule of principle, Washington DC allows 70% window tint for the windshield above the AS-1 line. Whereas for the front side windows, 70% VLT is allowed and for the back side windows and rear window, only 50% VLT is allowed.

Tint Darkness For SUVs And Vans

Remember, tint laws also vary based on the type of vehicle. For instance, SUVs and Vans have to comply with slightly different regulations when compared to sedans. SUVs and Vans are only allowed non-reflective tints along the top of the windshield. Plus, the front side windows should allow more than 70% light, the back side windows must allow more than 35% of light to come in and the same stands for the rear window.

DC Tinting Exemption

There are certain conditions where some vehicles are exempted from window tint requirements. For instance, ambulances limousines, buses, all government vehicles, etc. are not required to obtain a permit and can opt for very dark tints due to security and privacy reasons.

In addition to that, if a vehicle owner is suffering from a medical condition where he/she cannot expose themselves directly to the sun or there is a threat to their security, they should request their physician to provide them with a certificate indicating that the individual needs window treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Window Tints?

Window tints have several benefits to offer. Apart from the health and security factor, window tints block UV rays from directly contacting the interior of the vehicle. If a vehicle’s interior is exposed directly to the sun for longer periods, the materials and finish will lose their color and visual appeal.

This is why some vehicle owners opt for special window tints that are designed to reflect or block UV rays. As a result, if you reside in a relatively hot region, the window tints will help keep the temperature inside the vehicle as low as possible.

Furthermore, certain regions in the world are deemed dangerous and if you happen to be living in one of them, you will have to opt for privacy sooner or later. Moreover, if your everyday business involves transporting expensive items, you are going to need some privacy to keep the items protected and hidden from the prying eyes.

From Where Do I Get Window Tints Installed?

While looking for the right quality and percentage window tints, you will come across several retailers who might be willing to sell you low-quality window tints. The thing is that window tints come in several varieties. This does not mean that each type is designed to perform the same purpose.

In fact, low-quality tints fade with time and you will need to get them replaced. Therefore, the best way to ensure your money goes to the right place is by opting for a certified installer. It is going to be slightly expensive but you will be at peace knowing that the product is original and the installation is going to be perfect.

Keep in mind that tint installation is one of the most important factors determining the lifespan of window tints. If the installation was shoddy, do not expect the tints to last for more than a year or two. That said, opt for a certified dealer and make it a one-time investment.

Final Word

In the end, before you opt for window tints while living in Washington DC, make sure that you become familiar with the regulations stated above and choose a reputed car window tinting shop Springfield for the task. And do not opt for low-quality films that might get you in trouble with the law down the road.

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