HVAC repair scams have gotten quite common in recent years, and in order for customers to stay ahead of these dishonest persons or organizations, the ability to identify such schemes is the need of the hour so that you get air conditioning service repair from reliable professionals only. Here are some signs to detect the common scamming tactics employed by these actors.

The Repairer Will Have A Shady Looking Site Making Tall Claims

This is the first sign that you are dealing with an unprofessional repair company that is just looking to make a quick buck off of scamming gullible people by making tall claims on their low effort website, without backing any of it up.

You Won’t Find Much Info About Them Elsewhere Online

Other than what they have on their website, if you Google about them to verify any of their claims, there is a good chance you won’t come across anything. Or at least anything that is good. A reliable repair company will have a strong online presence.

They Will Not Have A Permanent Address They Operate Out Of

Since most scams operate out of a truck, trapping customers via their website, which makes it easy for them to bail at the first sign of trouble, you most likely would not find an address on their website. In case you do, chances are it is not the right place.

The Repairperson Will Ask You To Replace Parts That Work Fine

This is a telltale sign that you are dealing with someone who is dishonest and just wants to rip you off to line their pocket, instead of prioritizing a long-term relationship with their customers. They are most likely overpricing each part they sell you as well.

The Prices That They Quote Often Seem Too Good To Be True

If the repair company seems too eager to take your business, giving away massive discounts just to keep you from leaving, it is a red flag and you should instantly turn away. Always get quotes from multiple companies to get an idea about the real cost of AC repair.

They Never Quote A Final Price And May Charge Upfront Cash

One of the prominent giveaways of a scam organization is that they insist on doing all their transactions in cash, making it impossible to trace them in case their cat gets out of the bag. They also trap customers by verbally quoting them a lower price at first and then billing them extra afterward.

They Do Not Offer Any Sort Of Warranty On Their Repairs

A reliable AC repair service will always back their work with an extensive warranty program, both on the job that they have done as well as an official manufacturer warranty on the products they have used. A scammer will not offer any of this.

They Do Not Offer A Written Agreement & Expect Your Trust

This is another obvious give away that you are dealing with someone looking to take advantage of you. All agreements must be on paper with signatures from both parties. If they insist otherwise, look elsewhere.

You Cannot Get A Hold Of Them In Your Time Of Need

A service that will not answer their phone and have no after-sale service is a telltale sign of an organization looking to profit off of clients in the short term, and then leaving them out to dry.

Knowing these signs will help in ensuring that you are not only able to steer clear of any scamming attempts, it actually gives you the opportunity to thwart them from the root and report them to the authorities so that someone gullible cannot be trapped by them.

Do bear in mind, however, that your safety comes first and foremost, and in your noble quest to save others from getting scammed, be careful to not do anything that will put you in danger, nor take the law into your own hands. Such people are very clever and careful, and in order to one up them and catch them in their act, you have to be more careful and clever than them. Make sure you choose HVAC contractors VA that are reputable and known in your locality to avoid AC repair scams.

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