Another four years have passed, and the U.S is again in the dilemma of selecting the President, actually the country’s fortune controller, and everybody’s eyes are on the Trump vs. Biden polls. Yes, your one vote can change the future of America, and it can be a bed of flowers, or it can be devastating for everyone. Before using this right to vote, everyone is interested in the candidate’s personal lives and their previous work, either positive or negative, that has impacted every American citizen.

Time And Dates Of The Debates

A series of debates have been scheduled between the two potential candidates, Donald john trump and Joe Biden as part of their election campaigns, on the following dates:

  • 29th September in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 15th October in Miami, Florida
  • 22nd October in Nashville, Tennessee

Other Debates

Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will also confront each other on:

  • 7th October in Salt Lake City, Utah

These all debates will take place from 21:00-22:30ET, and there won’t be any commercial interruptions during this time.

First 2020 Presidential debate

The 1st debate was on 29th September, and it took about 90 min. Chris Wallace of Fox News moderated it. Six questions were asked from both of them. Each item of the debate started to stir up some heat between the two participants.

The participants were well equipped to deal with both the acquisitions and cross-questions of the other. However, one was better than the other sometimes. If you don’t know enough about the candidates, let me tell you about them first.

Donald Trump, the 45th current President of America, is famous for gaining the public spotlight. According to his political career, he is considered a perfectionist and nationalist. He has to become careful with his words to win the hearts of people again.

Sometimes his statements wander a bit too far from the truth. Joe Biden was the 47th vice president of the U.S, a member of the Democratic Party. Before his political career, he was a lawyer who was clear enough in his disciplined lifestyle. To compete with Trump, he has to manage the public spotlight so it can help him to strengthen his position further. I think you got an idea about their personalities.

Let’s move on to the main topic, “how the debate went”. Both the candidates criticized each other based on their response to the pandemic, racism, and even each other’s families.

 Main Points Of The First Debate

  • Supreme Court
  • Trump and Biden’s records
  • Election integrity
  • Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Race protests and violence in cities
  • Economy

The Coronavirus pandemic has been the main threat to every nation for the current year. It has shaped the financial as well as the economic policies for every country. Joe Biden pointed out the inefficiencies of Trump during this crisis.

“Good luck. 200,000 dead. As you said, over seven million are infected in the United States. We have 4% of the world’s population, 20% of the deaths. Forty thousand people every day are contracting COVID. In addition to that, about between 750 and 1000 people a day are dying.’’ -Joe Biden

President Trump single-handedly answered the acquisition by saying ‘’Wrong”.

Further, he shifted the blame to China for not containing the deadly virus that has been wreaking havoc in the entire world. Another central debate point between the two participants was the economic crisis America faced in the Trump era. Biden bashed Trump on lesser jobs saying that he will be the first president of United States to leave the office with fewer jobs in his administration than before his presidency.

Although true, the claim has its limitations due to the world has fallen prey to a pandemic.

Further, an increase in poverty was inevitable during these times. Biden claims that the impact could have been immensely reduced through better administration. The points, as mentioned above, have been the center of discussion for most of the debate. Other comments were made on election transparency and protection against racism in the country.

 Where Can You Watch The 2020 Presidential Debates?

These debates will broadcast live on all major networks and news channels. Many of the channels will be streaming the debate free on YouTube too. Also, see the Trump vs. Biden Arizona polls to know who is taking the lead.

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