We all know our refrigerators stop working due to some reasons and we have to call refrigerators repair services. But if we try to learn about the refrigerators, the reasons why they fail and how we can keep them in good shape will be more useful for us. So we have created this post to guide our users how they can learn more about why refrigerators fail and what the reasons are.

Commercial refrigerator problems

  1. Cycling Too Often

Freezers consume a lot of electricity. But if it runs or cycles too often, it can be even more expensive for the home owners. It also creates a lot of noise. This usually happens when your freezer or refrigerator is placed in a dusty place. The environment affects their performance and dirt and dust impact the speed.


To fix this issue, the power shut be cut off and the refrigerator should be checked. You will surely find debris, dust and dirt in a noisy refrigerator. Clean the debris and use brush or a piece of cloth to remove the dirt. You should also adjust the temperature of the refrigerator in order to make it work normally. If you still need any help, call a commercial appliances repair service.

  1. Water Leakage

This is another common reason why refrigerators fail and stop working. Water leakage is caused due to blockage of drain host. The debris and dirt can block the hose and it leads to ice build-up. The ice then melts and it looks like water is leaking from the refrigerator.


You should start with cleaning the hose in order to clear it and ensure water moves without any hurdles. Use warm water if the blockage doesn’t get removed easily. You can also clean the valve in the defrost located at the back bottom of the freezer. In case the problem is needed fixed, get assistance from refrigerators repair services.

  1. Ice Build-Up in the Freezer

Most of the refrigerator owners have faced this issue. The ice builds up within the freezer and prevents it from working ideally. When it comes to the reason, this happens when the door is left opened for more time. The open door allows more humid air inside the freezer and it leads to frost and ice build-up.


The fix for this issue is simple. You should keep the door closed. Open when it is necessary and close it immediately. However, sometimes the door doesn’t close even if you do. That is because of malfunctioning defrost timer. Pull the freezer out and check the front pedestal feet. Or you can get help from commercial appliance repair.

  1. Faulty Motor and Compressor

The motor if the freezer sometimes gets out of order. When the motor is not working, it shuts down the freezer immediately. There can an electrical issue or it might be a mechanical fault in the motor. Similarly, the compressor is responsible for refrigeration cycles.


To fix the motor problem, you can call refrigerators repair services because there can be technical issues with it. You may also have to replace the motor to fix the problem. When it comes to the compressor problem, you should check it. There will be debris and dirt that should be cleaned to keep the freezer in working condition. So, it’s handy to have a commercial appliances repair expert wit you.

Best Practices to Keep Your Refrigerator at Best Shape

Follow these tips to keep your refrigerator at the best shape and perfect working condition.

  1. Keeps Coils Clean

You need to clean the condenser coils twice a year because the get filled with dust. When the coils are dirty, the freezer can’t work in the best way so you have to take care of this by cleaning regularly.

  1. Check the Door Seals

When the seals of the freezer door are loose, they allow more humid air, dirt to enter inside. This puts more pressure on the freezer. Always make sure the seals are perfect and not loose.

  1. Set the Right Temperature

Adjust the refrigerator to the right and recommended temperature if you want to keep in good shape and avoid many functioning issues.

  1. Don’t Put Hot Food Inside

Never put the hot leftovers in the freezer because this makes it work harder to keep the temperature normal inside. This can lead to many other issues. Just hire commercial refrigerator repair Alexandria VA services.

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