If you’re thinking about getting married or just want to know when’s the right time to marry, then you’re at the right place.

The Best Times To Marry, According To A Psychologist

Most of the people think of marrying in 20’s because they think life makes more sense and is balanced. However, if you think that you’re stable enough and have a good job—then it’s the right time to marry.

Some people marry in their teenage years, while others marry in their late 30’s.

But what about the perfect age when you should marry someone? What do researchers, psychologists, and relationship experts say?

Wyatt Fisher, founder of christiancrush.com and a psychologist, believes that if you marry in your late 20’s, it will be better for you. Because you will have more time, since you would have finished your studies and launched a good career. Marrying in your late 20’s has its own perks. By the time you reach that age, you’ll be bored and would want to find the One.

Wyatt is right. National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) did an analysis of data gathered from the year 2006 to 2010. The researcher, Nicholas Wolfinger, found that the best age to marry is between 28 to 32.

Marrying too early or too late can increase the rate of divorce. Yes, age does matter when you’re marrying someone.

Some studies show that if your partner is 10 years older than you, the relationship might create a problem for you. But the amazing benefit of marrying someone 10 years older is that the older partner provides wisdom to the relationship, while the other provides joy. That’s why it’s not really a bad thing to marry someone that is 10 years older than you.

The Best Age To Marry For Women

Weena Cullins, a relationship expert, believes that 28 is the ideal age for a woman to marry someone. Why? Because at this age, you’re more likely to exhibit confidence and self-awareness in your choice of a partner. Most of the 28-year-olds have successfully explored themselves enough on a deeper level. Not only you’ve learned from the mistakes you’ve made in all of your past relationships, you’ve also discovered the characteristics you want in a partner.

The Best Age To Marry For Men

The same relationship experts, Weena Cullen, thinks that the ideal age for men is 32. Seems a lot, right?

But it gives men a chance to develop their career on a real advanced level before marrying someone. It also lets them develop themselves emotionally throughout the years, when they’re living alone and dating.

At the age of 32, men are also serious about their role in parenting and their responsibilities. They have a serious perspective on co-parenting. Though, marrying around 32 is fine too, but the best age is 32.

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