Getting a hair transplant surgery done requires a lot of preparation in advance and afterwards. This article will show you things you can and can’t do after getting a hair transplantation procedure done.

Avoid Exposure To Sunlight

Expose to the sun can be bad for a newly transplanted scalp. But, a question might arise that isn’t heat good for your hair? Yes it is. In fact heat makes the hair follicles grow stronger and more quickly. But we are talking specifically about the exposure to the sun right after the procedure. Your scar is new and still fresh. You don’t want to expose your hair to direct sunlight. It might burn the new hair and the whole process will go to waste.

Avoid Sweat Inducing Exercises

Avoid too much strenuous exercises for at least a week after your surgery. You can make the scar infected and it might hurt a lot. The success of a hair transplantation procedure is how you take care of the scar post-op. So, make sure you are not letting sweat near your scar, otherwise it might turn things worse. Cleaning your scar regularly is also very important. The healing will be quicker and it will proceed without less complications.

Avoid Wearing Tight Head Gear

Wearing a tight helmet or hat right after your getting hair transplantation can be a bad idea. You don’t want to cover your head too tight, otherwise the hair might break and your scar can get affected. Make sure you are letting your scalp breathe at all times, especially for a few weeks after surgery. You will end up making things worse if you put on things on your head that are too tight.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back, where the scar of hair transplantation procedure is usually present, can make it hurt more and can create a hurdle in the healing process. Make sure you are not sleeping on your back for a few weeks after your surgery. You can sleep on your side or you can elevate your head with a lot of pillows to avoid contact of the scar with any surface. Once the scar starts to seal and scab up, you can go back to sleeping on your head.

Don’t Drive Right After Your Procedure

Make sure that after your surgery, you have someone who can drive you to your home after the surgery. The reason why is because you might be under the influence of the anesthesia and you might feel sleepy and groggy. You don’t want to risk driving by yourself otherwise things can take an ugly turn. It’s better to have someone who can act as a driver and take you to home so that you can rest properly.

Wash Your Scalp Gently

For a few weeks post-op, you want to take precautions when taking a bath and washing your hair. You don’t want to rub and scratch your scalp too roughly otherwise the hair can break. You don’t want any shampoo or harmful chemical getting in contact with your scar. It can irritate the scar and make it red and painful. Try flipping your head upside down when washing your hair. This will avoid any sort of contact of chemicals and shampoo with your scar. Also, use a very gentle and natural shampoo when washing your hair.

Treat The Wound Properly

Wound treatment of the hair transplant procedure is more than half of the success factor. Make sure that you are always keeping your wound dry. You should not constantly touch it. You should keep it clean at all times. You shouldn’t put too much pressure on the area with the scar. Make sure that you are applying the ointments prescribed to you, and if you want the healing process to be quicker, apply some ice on the affected area. Not only will it feel good, but it will heal the scar quickly as well.

There you go! Doing some things and avoiding others will help you go through the healing process quickly and you will see the results in the end for yourself. Make sure to follow the advice of your hair transplant doctor for a smooth healing process.

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