Water is a basic commodity that should be available to everyone. There are several contaminants in water and they need to be removed by a water filtration system if you want fresh and clean water, which is safe for drinking. Here are some of the many contaminants found in water.


Fluoride is naturally found in the soil and water. It is a good mineral which helps to keep tooth decay at bay, but too much Fluoride is not good for you either. It can lead to a number of problems in the body. The first problem which can occur in a person due to too much consumption of Fluoride is dental fluorosis. This is caused by the abrasion of the enamel or white natural coating on your teeth. Too much Fluoride can chip off the enamel on your teeth and this can lead to severe tooth sensitivity.


Aluminum is a substance found in the Earth as an ore and it can also seep into fresh water. Aluminum is good for the body but as you may know, too much of anything can be detrimental for you. Aluminum can be readily absorbed by the body when it goes into you through drinking water and it can cause a lot of issues with the body. It can coagulate your blood and lead to more clotting of blood.

It can also increase the platelet count in your blood, which can lead to heart issues and brain hemorrhages. It can also lead to nervous disorders because aluminum can affect the nervous system badly.


Arsenic is more of a dangerous metal which is found in water which is not purified for drinking. Too much consumption of arsenic can lead to cancer and other problems in the body. Arsenic is a very reactive and dangerous substance in its inorganic form. It can cause a lot of skin issues and even lesions all over the body.

If infants are exposed to arsenic in water, it can alter their growth and it can also lead to sudden young adult deaths, because of improper growth of the child and lack of development of the immunity inside the body.

Bacteria And Viruses

There are a lot of bacteria and viruses in water which has not been purified. Bacteria and viruses like coliform are very common. This can cause E. Coli and it can lead to cramps in the stomach, diarrhea, dehydration and other stomach issues. Hepatitis and salmonella are also found in water which is open or underground and they need to be removed if you don’t want any more problems from drinking unsafe water.


Copper is a very dangerous metal which is found in your body. It can impart a red or brown tinge to your water and it also tastes metallic. You need to have copper removed from the water, because it can cause a number of problems in the body, like liver damage, kidney disease and even stomach issues.


Uranium is a radioactive metal found in water which is close to nuclear power plants. Uranium cannot be tasted or seen in the water but it is highly toxic and dangerous to the human body. It can lead to fastened kidney damage, kidney failure in worse cases and it can also lead to many different types of cancer. It is removed through chemical and mechanical processes and then the water is deemed safe for drinking.


Chromium is probably the most carcinogenic metal in its natural state. It can be quite unstable and goes into your body and does immense damage to your organs and cells. It can cause cancer, gastrointestinal issues, skin ulcers, nasal issues and even lung failure. This is a highly dangerous substance and it should not be consumed at any cost.

Water containing chromium needs to be purified first before it can be deemed safe for drinking, otherwise it can be a whole debacle and can cause issues to your body.


There you have it! These contaminants need to be removed from the water otherwise, it can lead to a lot of problems in the body and can lead to many diseases. If you can’t use your tap water, look for bottled water home delivery Erie services.

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