Clogged drains are a huge pain and unclogging them can be a whole job in itself. If it’s time-consuming, let drain cleaning services handle it. Here are some ways by which you unclog your drain with a drain auger or drain snake.

What Is A Drain Auger?

Some people might think that a snake drain and drain auger are the same thing, but there are some different things about the two of them whilst sharing many similarities.

A drain auger is a bit wider than a drain snake. While a drain snake is used for internal use around the house, a drain auger is used for bigger holes like the sewer and clogged drains outside the house. They have larger and wider pipes for you to work with and they effectively unclog all the drains which meet their pipe size range.

There are many types of drain augers, but the very commonly used one is the traditional drain auger, which can allow you to maneuver the pipe and twist it in the hole and you can take it as far as you want to unclog the pesky drain or sewer.

Different drain augers are used for different purposes, so you can choose from a huge variety. There are a lot of attachments that come with the drain auger, which are great if you want to go a few steps further from traditional drain unclogging. A drain auger is a great way to easily unclog your pipes, drains and sewer at home, without having to ring in a professional.

Using A Drain Auger

Here is a step by step, easy guide on how to use a drain auger at home to open up and unclog the sewer or drain.


The most important thing to do first is the insertion of the tube inside the clogged pipe. You will need to insert the slim part of the augur, also called the snake, into the hole that you are trying to unclog. You can use it on any type of drain and even the toilet. For drains, it’s important to remember that you might have to remove the metal mesh case which is used to enclose the drain, before inserting the snake in the drain. This will give easy and better access to the drain auger and your work will be completed in no time, without any obstruction.


Once the snake of the drain auger is inside the hole, now is the time to slowly screw the knob of the drain auger in a clockwise motion. Sometimes, you will need to do the screwing of the knob simultaneously as you are entering the hole which is clogged.

Once you reach the clog, you will feel obstruction and your drain snake will not be able to go any further. When this happens, you will need to screw the knob quickly, keeping in mind the clockwise direction, until your snake tries to snag the obstruction or any object which is inside the drain and which is causing your drain to be clogged.

Pulling Out

The next and final thing to do is the pulling out of the snake. This can be a little tricky for some people because they tend to forget one crucial thing. While pulling out the snake from the hole along with the obstruction, you don’t want to rotate the knob or the overall augur. This will dismantle the object from the snake’s grasp and it will fall back in the drain. You need to let go of the screwing knob and slowly pull the augur assembly out of the drain or toilet until it fully comes out with the obstruction in the snake.

Now, depending on the severity of the clog, you might need to repeat this process a couple of times until the drain is fully unclogged and all of the obstructions are out of the drain or pipe. Now the toilet or sewer will work normally.


There you have it! A drain auger or snake is a great way to unclog and open your drain. It is truly a lifesaver and you can’t go back once you start using it. However, for complicated clogs and leaks, hire drain contractors Harrison.

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