Although gravel patios tend to be aesthetically pleasing but share a few advantages and disadvantages. Often termed as pea gravel since their size resembles green peas, they are easily available at local stores which you can install yourself or by hiring local patio builders. But you should consider the pros and cons of installing a gravel patio.

Pros Of Gravel Patios

Low Cost-Option

Pea gravel as compared to other patio options tends to be low-cost and affordable. You can create a patio just by using about one ton of the material. However, you will also need to lay down some landscaping fabric to prevent weed from growing. Depending on the area, you might have to level the ground first. Then, you scoop the gravel up and lay it down in the entire area. And perhaps the best thing about gravel patios is that they can be completed in just one single day,

You Can Walk On It Barefoot

As opposed to what most people assume, it is easy to walk on gravel patios without causing discomfort. Since pea gravel is rounded, you can walk on it with any kind of footwear and also barefoot. However, the material is like sand, which can get stuck between your toes and inside the shoes.

You Can Be Creative

Another chief advantage of pea gravel patios is that you can be creative with your final design. Thanks to the small size of the gravel, you can pretty much do anything when it comes to colors and designs. For instance, you can mix it with other materials to make things more interesting and unique. Additionally, if you have some items in your patio that you wish to highlight, you can lay the gravel around them or create a landscape for that matter.

Pea Gravel Prevents Weed Growth Itself

Not everyone has the time or budget to lay down a landscaping fabric but there is good news as well. If you lay down pea gravel that is around 4 inches thick, it will automatically prevent weed from showing up to the surface. Additionally, a thicker layer will create comparatively less mess since the rain will not be able to scatter it.

Cons Of Gravel Patios

An Edge Barrier Is A Must

Due to being extremely lightweight and small, pea gravel is transported around the entire property without you even noticing. As a result, it can easily make its way inside your house as well. Therefore, it is important that you create an edge barrier that prevents the gravel from spreading.

The Gravel Will Shift From Its Place Eventually

Even after you have created an edge barrier to prevent the gravel from spreading, it will still shift its place eventually and there is nothing much you can do about it. With that being said, you will need to maintain the patio by raking the gravel back into its place if you want to keep the patio looking top-notch. Sometimes, you might also need to add gravel to make up for the lost amount.

Creation Of A Firm Foundation Is A Must

Although you are using pea gravel for your patio, you still need a firm foundation to slow down the process of shifting. This means that you are going to build a proper surface for effective long-term usage of the patio. For instance, you can install a layer of rock underneath the patio surface to prevent shifting. Ignoring this step will lead to more maintenance and efforts in the long run.

A Pea Gravel Patio Does Not Work Well With Furniture

If you plan on placing furniture on your pea gravel patio, it might not work out. The reason is that the weight of the items causes them to sink even if you have a firm foundation in place. If you intend to use the place regularly for dining and other purposes, you need to create a layer that is at least 6-inches thick. If neglected, you risk damaging the furniture.

Final Word

Even though installing a pea gravel patio is easy, you should not ignore the steps and factors that are equally important. You should plan out the task thoroughly or get the help of patio contractors Long Island to ensure that you have a beautiful yet practical patio.

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