In this online world, reviews play an important part in the growth of your business and now it’s imperative to perform online review management. According to a survey, 90% of customers need to look for at least 10 reviews before they decide that they can trust you. Surprisingly, this percentage was 87% back in 2015. So, you see how fast the importance of online reviews is growing.

Getting online reviews from your customers is a whole another story. Promoting those reviews matters equally. Here I have penned down a few tips to help you promote your online reviews on social media.

Track Your Customer Response

This is the first step in your way towards promoting your business. You need to keep track of the customers’ emotions attached to your services and products. And it is important to see if there’s some general issue they’re facing, which can be late delivery or maybe not satisfying their what-if’s.

When you keep an eye on all of this, it helps you better know what to present them with next time. You can follow your consumers on the social media platforms they use. For instance, if you sell shirts, you can follow up with your customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Provide A Clear CTA On Your Website

Along with having a separate review page on your website, you can add a link to your social media pages as a CTA. This will help your customers reach you on social media and share their experiences with your potential audience.

All in all, adding Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter icons at the end of your review page along with Google CTA should be a must part of your business strategy that’ll help you grow.  Furthermore, don’t forget to post content that help you engage your customers and share your content with others.

Incorporate Content Created By Your Audience

Another important thing that can help your audience see your services is posting customer-generated content. Put pictures and videos made by your customers on your post feed and let others see them.

Also, you can add your customer reviews as captions. For instance, “Cynthia can’t stop loving this shirt.”

This way, you’ll have more creative, desiring, and youthful content. And there’s no proven way better than this to promote yourself.

Go Live With Clients

According to a professional, why not go live with your customers? Ya, that sounds scary. But, if it goes right, this method can be proved best in the long run for promoting yourself to a broader section of audience.

Moreover, you’re giving a chance to real-life users of your products to express what they like about your business and where you can do better. It is for sure exciting for the customers. And at the end of the live, you can post a poll asking what new additions your customers think you can provide them with.

This method sounds way more accurate than paying a famous celebrity to be your brand ambassador and then going live with them talking to them about your product which they might have never used.

Hold Contests

This is another great way of self-promotion which is getting popular among businesses. You can ask your customers to create posts and videos or anything they are experts in to promote your business. And then, in the end, you got to select the top 3 most creative posts and reward them.

This will encourage more people to talk about your business. For instance, in a car dealership, you can hold a contest asking people to design the car of their dreams and post them on their stories and posts mentioning you.

Showcase Online Reviews

Letting your customers know that you’re constantly reading their loved reviews will make them know that you value them. Also, it is a vital part of promoting your business on social media. And it’ll encourage other customers as well to share their experience with others.

You might have seen almost every business doing this today: Retweeting their customer reviews and sharing customers’ satisfaction through Facebook and Instagram stories. This is precisely what you’re supposed to do.

Among these options, Twitter is the easiest one. All you have to do is retweet the review. In the case of Facebook and Instagram, you might have to take your customer’s permission before sharing their name or picture on your story. Furthermore, employ review management system to ensure your business is not wasting it’s potential.

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