Commercial ice makers produce ice in a huge amounts on a regular basis allowing restaurants and cafes to serve chilled drinks to their customers. However, sometimes they can encounter some problems that require ice dispenser repair but before it, you should try resetting the appliance. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you reset your commercial ice maker to keep the business going. Let’s begin!

Adjust The Feeler Arm

The first step of resetting your commercial ice maker is adjusting the feeler arm. You might be wondering what a feeler arm is but it is a plastic rod installed on the side of the commercial ice maker, which is designed to move both up and down depending on the level of ice in your ice maker. This rod prevents the machine from making too much ice.

If you observe that the arm is all the way up, this means that the ice maker will not be able to make ice anymore. Therefore, if the feeler arm is stuck, you should try pushing it down. If the arm comes down, you should see water flowing inside the ice maker’s reservoir. If it doesn’t and the arm is stuck, you should move to the next step.

Press The Reset Button

If adjusting the feeler arm does not work, press the reset button. Depending on the type and brand of your ice maker, it may require pressing down the button for a few seconds until the machine resets. Upon pressing the button for 10 seconds, you observe that the ice maker did not reset, you should manually try restarting the machine.

Manually Restarting The Icemaker

There are two ways of manually restarting your commercial ice maker. The first is that you can turn the icemaker on/off using the restart button and then turn it back on again. Secondly, you can try unplugging the machine from the main power switch and then plugging it back in.

In addition to that, if your ice maker has an on/off switch, you should turn off the appliance for at least 15 minutes. By this time, your refrigerator should have reset and you can turn it back on. Upon turning the machine back on, push the feeler arm down several times to force water into the ice maker. As a result, the machine should start functioning normally again.

How To Reset Different Ice Maker Brands?

Resetting options differ based on the ice maker brands. While some ice makers come with reset buttons, others do not. So, let’s discuss how you can reset different ice makers based on the options you have.

How To Reset A Manitowoc Ice Maker?

A Manitowoc ice maker usually does not come with a reset button. Therefore, to reset the machine, you can try adjusting the feeler arm. If the water does not immediately go down into the reservoir, you should press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds. If that does not work out, unplug the machine and wait for 15 minutes. Then, plug it back in and if a blue light appears, it means that you are done with the reset.

How To Reset A Whirlpool Ice Maker?

If you own a whirlpool ice maker, you might be fortunate enough to know that some models come with a reset button. Try locating the button under the ice tray or the cover plate. If you cannot find it, consult the user’s manual. Sometimes, the reset buttons are slightly hidden away to prevent accidental pressing while the machine is operating. And in case the machine does not come with a reset button, you should try using the on/off button.

How To Reset A Samsung Ice Maker?

Samsung ice makers are considered one of the most intelligent and smart appliances out there that come with a number of features to keep your machine and business running should a problem arise. The best part about Samsung ice makers is that you won’t need to unplug your machine to manually reset it.

If your machine comes with a “test” button, you should use it by removing the ice bucket and pressing the button. Press and hold the button until you hear a sound or chime. Place the ice bucket back in the ice maker and try using the machine to see if it functions normally again.

Final Word

Resetting your commercial ice maker may solve many problems but not every problem. The tips mentioned above will help remove minor complications but if they do not work out, you will need to consult a commercial ice maker repair DC service. And, do not try fixing the issue on your own as you risk injuring yourself and damaging the machine during the process.

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