Water filters are a key necessity in the household if the water coming from the supply is not clean. A mechanical water filter is a simple whole house water filtration system designed to remove obvious debris from the water. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Mechanical Water Filter

If you don’t know what a mechanical water filter looks like, then it’s basically a fine mesh or a combination of meshes in a cartridge from which the water passes and filters out any sizable particles. This is probably the easiest way to filter out the big particles in water.

Think of it as passing the water through a big sieve. The meshes act as big sieves and they leave the big particles behind which don’t get a chance to pass through the holes in the mesh. This filter is usually shaped in the form of a cylinder and the meshes are embedded inside the hollow of the cylinder and the water goes through them.

This filtration method is great for removing sediments and any suspended particles in the water and makes it safe for use. It was the first-ever filtration method adopted to get rid of clay particles, sand, sediments, and silt from the water. It also makes the water relatively clearer if you keep passing it through the mesh a couple of times.

Pros And Cons Of Mechanical Water Filters

Here are some ups and downs of using a mechanical water filter and what it does and doesn’t remove.

They Can Be Adjusted To Your Liking

One of the best things about a mechanical water filter is that you can adjust it according to your liking. You can adjust the mesh size to be big or small, depending on what types of particles you want to remove. This is super handy since you won’t need different filters for removing different sizes of particles.

You can just use one and adjust the size accordingly. This works great if you have a combination of particles present in the water, like big clay particles, or small and thin sand granules.

Only Removes Big Particles

A major drawback of this filtration system is that it is only designed to remove a certain size of particle from the water. Although you can adjust the size of the mesh, it can only go so far and remove only the particles which lie in the range of the mesh size.

You can’t expect a mechanical water filter to remove very minute and small particles and it is unable to remove any kind of microorganisms in the water, so the water coming through the filter may not be completely safe for drinking.

It Can’t Remove Bacteria

As mentioned above, mechanical water filters can’t remove microorganisms from the incoming water. You will need even more thinner and dense meshes or better systems to remove things like viruses and bacteria from the water.

Sometimes, physical filters are not enough to ensure that the water is free from any sort of bacteria or virus, so people resort to chemical filters and agents which kill the bacteria once and for all and don’t impart a weird taste to the water either.

So, physical filters, especially mechanical water filters are out of the equation when it comes to the proper removal of bacteria and microorganisms from the water.

Sand Passes Through Easily

Sand can be in the form of big suspended particles in the water or it can be present as very small particles. Although mechanical water filters do a great job at removing sand from the water, they can still leave some traces of it behind and this is mainly because the mesh doesn’t get a chance to hold the small sediment in place and the sand can go through the mesh and into the water. So, this filter is not great for removing extremely small particles of sand, because they’ll pass through easily.


There you have it! A mechanical water filter is the simplest type of filter. Now there are tons of advanced water filtrations you can use to remove microscopic particles from the water. Make sure to go through different types of water filtration systems Warren and select the right one for your needs.

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