Kitchen is the most important room in a house as people cook food, eat sitting there and the family bonding grows stronger during such activities.  Let us consider some of the important aspects relating to quartz kitchen countertops. So it is very important to be well balanced in taking a decision about the choice of your material for it. At present due to various reasons quartz is occupying a special edge among modern house owner’s mind as the most suitable material for kitchen countertops.

Know about quartz kitchen countertops

The most important thing on which people are more concerned is about the cost of quartz available in the open market and to see whether it is comparable with the other ones in the market. Low priced quartz are available for about $1.5 per square feet  which may go higher when one wants superior quality quartz for his countertop requirements.

In short one can say that quarts can become slightly costlier than granite depending upon the quality of the quartz slab you are going to purchase. Several factors like the thickness of the slab, quantity required by you and the complexity of the design or pattern you are adopting etc can affect the price of the quartz slab for kitchen countertop.

Quartz as kitchen countertop

When you start shopping you may be perplexed to hear the descriptive words like engineered quartz.   It is literally true that the quartz you see in your kitchen countertop is manufactured locally combining 95 % pulverised quartz with 5 % of resins, polymers and suitable color pigments.

This combination produces huge variety in colors and shades that resemble natural stones. Though they claim that only 5 % is resin, in actual practise more than 30 % of quartz is seen as resin only. This gives good hardness and superior finish to the quartz slabs.  They are not porous like granite or marble and because of this quality, quartz is considered as the most hygienic countertop material.

Quartz countertops do not require heavy maintenance. It can even be said that they are maintenance free. By using warm soapy water one can easily carry out cleaning of the countertop surface.  Harsh chemicals and adhesive cleaners have to be avoided. Quartz is a stain resistant material. It does not mean that stain will not be formed under any circumstances.

If spill of water or acid is allowed to stay on it for longer time, it can cause some stains. So do not allow such things to happen. If at all some acidic solution or water spills on quartz countertop, wipe of them and clean it completely so that all the discolouring is lost.

Although quartz slabs are very hard it can get scratches if fast and powerful downward force is applied above it with a sharp edge or a rough surface. Therefore direct cutting of food material placing  above the quartz kitchen countertop should not be allowed.

It can get scratched force as stated above is applied. Also do not scrap sticky messes placing it above quartz kitchen tops. When removing paint or gum it is better to use   a plastic scraper. If any oil stains are noticed on the counter use a degreasing agent with a cleanser for removing them.

Quartz can become porous depending upon the pattern on the stones used for making them.  If coarser pieces   are used a flecked appearance is produced on the quartz. Smoother pieces produce uniform color pattern. Depending upon the choice of the pigments during the manufacturing process, different colors are produced in quartz slabs.

Most people like natural look, but there are people who prefer vibrant color options. Once the color options have been finalized, it is cut to the required size and design and fabricated providing edges and cut outs for sinks and appliances according to the plan. As it is a heavy material it is better to engage some professional quartz installer durham nc for its installation.

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