Are you in search of a guide for building an outside fireplace in your home? Then this article is meant for you because in this article I am going to give a detailed description of how to build a fireplace in your home as a DIY project. If you go for getting this done by masonry contractors no doubt it will go beyond your budget and make you bankrupt. Now let us examine how one can construct a fireplace in his house all by himself.

Building the outdoor fireplace

Select the spot for the outdoor fireplace. The edge of a patio or deck would be ideal. Dig a rectangular hole 2.5 feet by 8 feet by 3 feet. Lay the concrete blocks after pouring 4 inches of concrete. Put some sandcrete and pea pebbles so that the foundation becomes solid. Using 2”X2” board make 4 wooden bars at each corner of the concrete. Mark on the wooden post the place where strings are to be tied.

Outdoor fireplace building tips

Spread mortar mix over the foundation’s corner and lay a brick facing good side out. Press the brick down with your fist or with the rubber mallet. Continue laying of bricks on top one another near the edge of the foundation. Scrape the oozing out mortar to make it neat and to save mortar. Run the brick jointer along the joints for getting a clean finish. Complete the brick laying process except in the front portion

Install grill

After finishing three stacks of bricks in the front side measure twenty six inches from the middle of the grill side and mark the grill door entrance. Make the grill entrance frame with 35 inches of height and set it in position. Start laying bricks around it. Lay angle bar for laying the bricks on the upper part of the entrance. For top part cut the brick half. Lay it standing over the last bricks applied Take out the box grill. Mount the doors and install grill. Cover both sides of the grill using slates or stone slabs. Now attach knobs of the fire valves.

Build firebox

Measure 29 X29 inches for entrance of the firebox. Use firebricks and refractory mortar so that it can withstand the heat. Steps are detailed below.

Mix some fire clay

On the base lay fire bricks to the side of the box. Using a sponge steeped in water remove the excess mortar. Continue brick laying  and add extra 8 inches for making the smoke chamber

Install chimney pipe

Place an angle bar over the fireplace interior. Set a flue pipe 2x13x13 feet by size above the angle bar at the backside of the fireplace. The holes on either side of the pipe have to be covered with concrete blocks or firebricks. Using fire clay seal the holes of the roof of the smoke chamber.

Building entrance-arch to the fireplace

Using some bendable material and plywood make the frame after tracing a curve. Attach this to the frame of the fireplace entrance and lay pliable board over it to give support. Lay half cut bricks over the frame in standing position.

Let the bricks remain there for a few days to dry and after that remove the frame. Using a tile saw cut triangular pieces to fit in the arch. The roof of the arch has to be supported by laying more bricks.

Building the arch

Set one more flue pipe on top of the existing one. Connect it using refractory mortar. Lay more bricks around the flue pipe and on top of firebox and make roof of the chimney. 10 layers more will be needed from the mantelpiece. Lay more bricks and cut the sides later to get the cathedral shape.

Do acid washing

Using muriatic acid and water in 1: 4 ratio wash the bricks.Using a whisk broom,  clean the fireplace.Using a hose, pour water again. If needed do acid wash again

Finishing touches

Drill 6 or 7 holes on the black pipe. Test fire after attaching grill to the gas tank. Use the same bricks for flooring also. Now fireplace grate can be inserted and we’re done. If anybody becomes successful in making the outside fireplace in his house with the help of this lesson, it will fetch much respect from others, enhance his self esteem and can save a good amount which would have been spend as the fireplace construction charge to outdoor fireplace contractors. lagrass

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