As suggested by your shoulder surgeons, a solution to all sorts of shoulder joints, rotator cuff or muscles surrounding the joint, is more likely a surgery. The process may last for only a few hours or less, but it requires a lot of patience and preparation for recovery duration.

A surgery, even if it is labelled as minor invasion treatment, is a big deal. Especially when it is about your joints, particularly the shoulders, the recovery process is most probably to last from weeks to months.

The appropriate type of surgery is suggested by your orthopedic doctor having your detailed medical history and physical examination. The level of success is merely dependent on your age, the reason for a shoulder problem and your health level.

What You Should Know About Shoulder Surgery

If you are suffering from rotator cuff, frozen shoulder and arthritis or due to any reason you are feeling difficulty in moving your shoulder joint, consult shoulder surgeon as soon as you can.

Your shoulder is the flexible joint of your body, and it has to make a wide range of possible movements. If your orthopedic doctor suggests surgery to solve any problem related to your shoulder, you have to know these things;

Before Shoulder Surgery

  1. Patients with Arthritis

Shoulder replacement is recommended if you are suffering from restricted shoulder movements or having severe shoulder pain. If you have arthritis, you are most probably suggested with a total shoulder replacement. During surgery, your real shoulder or the damaged part of the shoulder will be replaced with artificial components.

  1. Frozen Shoulders Treatment

Due to adhesion, sometimes the tissue around the shoulder joint becomes stiff and results in the situation called as frozen shoulder. There are two ways to treat frozen shoulder, by physical therapy or medication and by arthroscopy. Your orthopedic doctor will have an opportunity to have a look for other problems such as bone spurs.

  1. Treatment for Rotator Cuff

For treating rotator cuff, the shoulder surgeons have two options. First, one is the arthroscopy or commonly known as the keyhole surgery and the second one is the open repair in which he removes the deltoid muscle over the shoulder to access rotator cuff.

  1. Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are formed by new growths of bone in any joint of the body resulting in the formation of unnecessary lumps. These hinder the normal functioning of joints, have an impact on nerves, rub against other tissues and many other associated problems. These all result in the numbness, stiffness and pain in your shoulder or sometimes you might also feel pins and needles sensations in your joints. The surgery helps in removal of spurs and opening up the joint space.

After Surgery

  1. Sleeping Position

You need to be careful while sleeping and not to move your shoulder that has been just operated.

  1. Immobilize Your Joint

You will wear a sling all the time to immobilize your shoulder till it heals properly. The time duration till you finally move your shoulder freely is until you get entirely recovered. Get dressed in a manner that you won’t hurt your scared shoulders before they are healed. It is better to take someone’s help.

  1. Stay Dry

As the stitches need to stay dry to increase recovery speed, you need to avoid showering. It sounds gross, but you can clean yourself up without showering up till you are completely healed. Meanwhile, it is better to continue your medications correctly.

  1. Exercise

You will not be exercising soon after the surgery. After a few days, you are likely to be given some exercises. They help in blood circulation and keep your shoulder along the road to recovery.

  1. Diet Routine

After surgery, make sure to have a balanced and healthy diet to fasten the recovery process. Take fresh juices to keep hydrated and include fresh vegetable and fruits in your diet. Moreover, in taking milk and dairy products will bring fruitful results in building strong bones. Don’t forget high fibre food items like the Broccoli, baked potatoes, oatmeal and different sorts of berries.

Consult your orthopedic doctor Woodbridge, VA so that he can guide you in every step before and after the surgery is beneficial.

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