An outdoor fireplace adds value to your home and gives you a warm outdoor experience. To avail the benefits of an outdoor fireplace and avoid mistakes, hire masonry contractors and keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

Do Get An Approval From Local Authorities

Before building an outdoor fireplace, you should check with your local municipality office, homeowner’s association, and community guidelines. Furthermore, go through your house deeds as well to know you’re allowed to build an outdoor fireplace. So, make sure you fulfill the legal requirements and get the necessary permits before going ahead with the project.

Don’t Ignore Ventilation

Outdoor fireplaces should have a proper chimney. It doesn’t need to be built identically to a chimney for indoor fireplaces though. The stricture and design of your outdoor fireplace can easily accommodate a chimney. So, planning the correct design is important.

Do Select The Size And Location Carefully

There are no strict restrictions on choosing the location and size of an outdoor fireplace given that you’re adhering to the safety rules. So, you should go with how you would use it.

For example, if you want to occasionally cook in the fireplace, the depth of the fireplace should be more compared to fireplaces that are built for warmth only.

Similarly, having an outdoor fireplace in the middle of the backyard patio may be tempting, but if you have a small space, consider building a fireplace in the corner to save space.

Don’t Choose The Location Of The Fireplace Without considering Safety

The location of the outdoor fireplace is critical for safety as well. If it’s near flammable zones, it will be a fire hazard. When selecting a location for your fireplace, ensure that it’s 10-15 feet away from residences and flammable structures like trees, bushes, and sheds.

Apart from that, consider the wind direction as well because you need to prevent the smoke from the fireplace from going directly in the direction of your house.

Do Select The Correct Type Of Fuel

You can find many options outside of wood-burning fireplaces if you want to keep the emission in control and be eco-friendly. Choose from ethanol, propane, or natural gas.

You can use ethanol by having it in a tank. Similar is the case with propane. For natural gas, you may need the gas company to install a line for the fireplace homeowners should not DIY it.

Apart from the eco-friendly benefits, these options lead to no ashes so you don’t need to clean it after every few days. Plus, oil and gas fireplaces are easier to start and shut off.

Don’t Build A Permanent Fireplace For Small Spaces

Limited space needs more management. So, to avoid the fireplace taking up your space permanently, consider building a portable outdoor fire pit. With this, you can enjoy the fireplace when you need to, but move it when you require extra space in the backyard. Moreover, the utility of a portable fire pit is that you can use it in creative ways and in different locations.

Do Consider The Pros And Cons Of DIY And Professional Construction

Building the outdoor fire pit yourself will save you money by more than 50%. However, any problems can lead to safety risks and an unappealing fireplace. Getting the construction done by a professional outdoor fireplace contractor will ensure a safe and functional fireplace.

Moreover, as outdoor fireplaces are popular, they increase your home’s value. If you go with professional installation, the money is only adding up to the value of your home.

Don’t Keep The Wood Too Close To The Fireplace

Whether you want to have a wood-burning fireplace or you want to keep some wood near the fireplace for aesthetic appeal, don’t keep it too close to the fireplace. Wood-burning fireplaces throw sparks and embers while functioning, so the wood nearby is a fire hazard. Similarly, even if you have a gas fireplace, wind can play a part in causing a disaster, So, avoid it by keeping wood far from the fireplace.


Those were some dos and don’ts of building an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your backyard. To be safe and ensure you follow the safety protocols and hire an outdoor fireplace builder Long Island for the project.

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