Wedding is the most exciting event in everyone’s life and they want it to be perfect in every way, table and chair along with wedding tent rentals are essential things to be managed in every wedding. Here is a brief guide to the table and chair rentals so that you should know.

Popular Chair Styles


Many people choose to go contemporary at their wedding. From lighting to decoration and everything in between. Modern weddings are the way to go and what better way to go about it without getting the modern table and chair. There are a lot of options for the modern chair designs that you can choose from. For a minimalist design, there is an option of transparent chairs which go well with the lighter wedding theme. Alternatively, you can also go bold by having to go black and beyond.


To get the most romantic vibes out of your wedding, you can choose the romantic Italian type chairs that have narrow and delicate shape. With them, you just need a good wedding photographer who can bring out the most of them in your wedding pictures.


A more elegant design for your wedding chairs can be done with a rustic design. Chairs done by bamboo or beach-wood and fitted with a wedding-themed cushion would look the most elegant design your guests may see. These chairs can be customized to your liking and you can add vintage or modern look as you want.

Simple Outdoor

Simple folding white chairs can look very lush in an outdoor wedding setting. They can be done in many ways because of their versatility. You can even add greenery and decorations to give them a charming look. They are easily available and highly affordable for your guests to sit in comfort in your ceremony.

Table Styles That Are Popular

Round Tables

Round tables are the most common types of tables used in a wedding. They are mainly used because of their convenience in having guests to sit in a circle. This encourages conversation among the guests as they enjoy the event.

Square Tables

Square tables take up more space than the round tables. However, they are cheap and very useful in having the guests to sit in close proximity. You can also mix up both of the shapes to promote some flexibility in your wedding.

The Check-In Table

The first thing that your guests can find is a place where they can place their name cards. The check-in table should be in accordance with the overall theme of the wedding either modern or vintage. The cards set on the table must also match the theme.

The Cake Table

A cake table must have an elevated position so that everyone can see. Wedding tent rental providers can provide you with every option but you must choose a circle table for your cake. This circle table promotes the cake to be seen from every angle by your guests.

  • Table and chair rentals for weddings are pretty low in price even the fancy, romantic ones will not cost you much.
  • You can rent both of them at the same place because they have a matching theme on them so you don’t have to look anywhere else.
  • Table and chair rentals may be cheap but damage in any fancy chair may cost you additional money and due to the volume of the guests it is pretty common for that to happen
  • Due to much use of the tables and chairs, they may not be in top condition so you might have to be careful about that.

Things to Consider

  1. When planning for your wedding, you need to plan your budget for the table and chairs too among other things and select the package which is in your range.
  2. You should decide whether you want linen from the table rentals or do you want to buy your own themed or favorite one from your nearest departmental store.
  3. It’s better to set some money as a stretch budget in case if there’s been any damage to the tables, chairs or linens.

That’s pretty much everything you should know about table and chair rentals for wedding Rockland NY. Have a nice day!

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