Balayage has now been around from quite some time. This technique is quite timeless and is slowly making its way back as one of the most popular hair color correction techniques out there. As a result of this, you can find balayage services in almost all the salons that you will visit.

Balayage is a term that means ‘sweep’ in French. This technique involves freehand coloring which gives a very natural and blended look without any regrowth lines. This is a treatment that many women get in order to get the sun-kissed look of natural hair without any noticeable re-growth. The main idea behind this coloring technique is that less is more when you want to create a multi-tonal finish. As a result of this, the balayage technique involves the use of light patches and shades to create various color dimensions.

In case you do not want to go for bold overhauls of color but just want a refreshed look, this method is great for you.

What is the application process of Balayage?

The application process of balayage involves painting the surface of the hair strands until the tips. The result is a very blended color and smooth strokes. This technique is referred to as a freehand technique because it does not involve the usage of a meche or foil for the creation of highlights.

Everything that you should know about balayage

In this article, we put together all the information that you need to know about balayage hair. Usually, balayage hair can have different levels of depths and can vary from smaller highlights to larger ones. Usually, this process takes around 3 hours to get completed. However, if you want a multi-tonal finish rather than a regular color, it may take even longer than 3 hours. In the latter case, it may take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours to finish the procedure.

So, chances are that you will have to sit in the salon very patiently and still.

Difference in balayage and traditional hair coloring

Balayage technique is quite different from traditional highlighting techniques since the color is usually applied by freehand. Hence, no foil is involved in it. As a result of this, the final result is not as uniform as it is in typical highlights. However, this is what makes it beautiful. Also, you can get it done on straightened hair.

In case you have ever worried about the stripy colors, balayage is a great way to avoid that harsh contracts. This is especially true in case you choosing to go blonde.

The colors can even be placed in a way so as to distract away the attention from different features of your face.

What makes balayage so popular?

Balayage was not as popular as it is today, just 10 years ago. Today, balayage has become incredibly popular due to the pop culture. Ever since celebrities have started using them, a big number of women have been getting them too.

Moreover, this coloring technique is even suitable for all types of hair. So even if you do not have luscious long locks, you can still rock balayage color. For instance, a big number of Hollywood celebrities rock this look with a pixie crop. So if they can, you can too!


Indeed, balayage is a great coloring technique that results in a very natural look in contrast to the stripy look coming from traditional hair coloring methods. This is the major reason why a big number of women prefer them over traditional coloring. To learn more about it, head to your nearest balayage salon and get some professional advice from a hairstylist. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision. hypno

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