A big number of people suffer from hip pain. However, this is something that is difficult to describe or define. Particularly, even the pain from the areas surrounding hip and inside your abdomen can be felt as hip pain. Furthermore, the problem with the knees and spine can also sometimes result in hip pain. So, whenever you feel pain in your hip, it is not always something to do with the hip joint. However, if there is something wrong with the hip joint, your doctor may recommend hip joint injections to you.

Regardless of the cause, hip pain is more common in elders. So, you are more susceptible to it if you are 40 years or older. This is primarily because throughout your lifetime, this joint goes through a lot of wear and tear. In general, women tend to suffer from hip pain more frequently in comparison to men. However, the exact cause for this is not known.

Finding relief from hip pain

In case you have been suffering from hip joint pain, we have come up with a number of ways that can help you in finding relief. However, this certainly does not mean that you should avoid going to the doctor. These ways can only be used to manage the symptoms, and to not to treat the underlying condition.

In this article, we put together a number of things that you can do to avoid the pain. These include:

Use a hot water bottle

By using a hot water bottle, you can numb the pain down to some extent by relaxing your muscles. However, when you are using a hot water bottle, you should be incredibly careful with it. Remember that hot water bottle should never be used directly on the skin. This is because direct heat on any part of the body is not good for you.

Rather, use a secondary medium in between the hot water bottle and your skin. All that you need is just a mild sensation of warmth. Furthermore, you need to be incredibly careful with hot water bottles and ensure that there are no leakages. Otherwise, you may end up causing yourself a burn.

Hip surgery

In case your symptoms do not resolve, you will have to reach out to a doctor. In severe cases such as a joint dislocation, you will need a hip surgery. There are a number of hip surgeries that a doctor could do. These include minimally invasive arthroscopic hip surgery, hip resurfacing surgery, hip replacement surgery, hip revision surgery, and other procedures.

Your doctor will choose the appropriate procedure after determining your history of pain and your x-rays. Sometimes, doctors may not even suggest a surgery but recommend over the counter medicines and exercise. Whatever your doctor tells you, make sure that you are following it strictly if you want to get rid of the pain.

Gentle exercise

Gentle exercise is definitely going to ease your symptoms down. However, it may take a weak or two before the improvement becomes noticeable. Until then, maintain a working schedule involving light exercises. You certainly do not want to damage the hip joint even more by doing aggressive workout.

Ending note

Hip pain can be really bad. In severe cases, it can render a person restless and prevent them from concentrating on anything at all. This is the prime reason why you are suggested to do something about your hip pain as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are in for a lot of torment. Without causing any delays, reach out to hip replacement surgeons McLean to know if you require a hip surgery.

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