How to Pick a Wedding Theme

With a lot of decisions to be made for a wedding, it is not a surprise that you will feel overwhelmed at 1st but you are actually having a hard time because you still do not know what the theme of your wedding will be. You can easily get attracted to more colors or theme but narrowing down your ideas and doing it right away is important. With a lot of ideas available, how will you decide on what works for you? Of course, the wedding party rentals that you will talk to want to have an idea so they can make a list of what to offer you. There are tips given here to help you decide on the theme.

What you can do to decide when planning a wedding

When is your wedding?

Is your wedding in the spring, summer or autumn? You may not see the importance of this question now but this is an important consideration. For instance, if your wedding is in the winter, your theme can be suitable to a winter’s day. A color palette that has dark and dramatic tones like burgundy or emerald green are great for winter weddings. In addition, the theme itself can be winter or the wedding can be classic and glamorous. In contrast to this, a wedding in the summer calls for a beach theme, and a wedding in the spring goes well with pastel colors. Your bouquet can feature berries and garden flowers.

Where will your wedding be?

This is part of the wedding’s foundation and it can determine where the reception and evening party will be held. The venue is going to be the part of your budget so you should a place that is ideal, can reflect your personality and can work for you in all ways. You need to make sure that the theme and venue you are thinking of blends well, ensures the space, features and landscape that works well with any theme you are thinking of.

Your personality

Consider your personality, home, and sense of style because you can have great insight on which color palettes you are drawn to. A good way to find out is to look in your closet and see what colors you see most. The color of nail polish you normally wear and the specific shade of lipstick you like to use can help you determine the colors that draw you in. Looking at the creativity you have from everyday life is an awesome way to highlight your personality in the wedding colors you choose.

The mood you are aiming for

This is an important factor when you are thinking of what wedding theme to have. Are you both laid back? If yes, a vibe that is laid back and relaxed would be suitable for the both of you. Moreover, wedding themes like a bohemian or beachy style usually give you a relaxed and natural mood. In contrast to this, maybe you want to have a glamorous party with a lot of food, flowers, music, dancing and lights. A perfect 1 for you might be a glam and contemporary wedding theme, or an Art Deco style. Think about the mood you want to portray in your wedding theme and how you see your guests celebrating with you.

You can have more than 2 themes

If you like multiple hues and colors, you are not confined to choosing only up to 2 colors. There are event designers who will ask couples to show a color range and then they will pick a palette that has a focal of 2 or 3 focal colors, and 3 or 4 tones that support them. While doing this, the couple should remember the kinds of materials, metallics, and textures that they might want to consider as part of the palette. After this, there will be a multi-dimensional design with textures that will work great as a wedding theme.

If you are a couple who has not decided on a wedding theme, follow these tips to help you out. The wedding party rental company NY will be there to help you have a great event, but having a theme in mind matters.

Four signs signifying the need for plastic surgery for you

Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure dedicated for the correction of facial or body defects which are birth defects or caused as a result of accidents or other reasons. Are you a person planning to undergo some cosmetic or plastic surgery to enhance your appearance or correcting your birth defects. If so please go through this article carefully because in this article I am going to give a check list which will be beneficial for such persons in taking a final decision in the matter.

Have you deiced for plastic surgery on your own?

Before fixing an appointment with a plastic surgeon, it will be better to decide it by yourself rather than go for the advice of your life partner or family members. If your decision is based on the suggestion of the family member, then the chances are that you may not land in success as there will be more expectations and fewer achievements. But on the other hand if you are convinced about the need for plastic surgery to boost your appearance or confidence level, then there is no need for a rethinking. You can fix the appointment and express your concerns with the plastic surgeon. He will suggest you real and practical solution for your problems. Such cases will be successful as the decision is taken by the patient itself.

You should be aware of the recovery time

Often plastic surgery needs considerable period of rest which is the recovery time. You will have to abandon your work or hobbies during this recovery time or you will have to bring them to your hospital room and adjust with the available facilities. So before opting for plastic surgery, ascertain from the surgeon what will be the recovery time needed for you and plan how to spend that time in an active, pleasant and engaging manner.

Was it a spontaneous decision?

Many people dream about plastic surgery making them more attractive and confident. Such people may take a spontaneous decision to go for plastic surgery without considering the pros and cons of the matter. Unfortunately, plastic surgery is not a procedure that can be rushed through. If you have only just started wondering about the possibilities of the procedure, it will be better to take a detailed examination of the whole matter and make proper assessment in discussion with your physician.

How is your health condition?

To be a successful candidate for plastic surgery one has to be in good physical condition. It did scoliosisnot mean that you need to be body builder. Your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels should be within manageable limits. If your health is not that good, it does not mean that you are not fit for the procedure, but it only means that you will have to face some complications. It also means that your recovery time may get extended.

How To Improve Your Basketball Game and Be Your Best

Many young athletes dream to be successful in basketball. In basketball success means being the best player that you can be. Becoming best basketball player is not an overnight thing and there is no shortcut of achieving success in the basketball. You need to take proper basketball training, follow practice session and dedicate yourself to the basketball as much as you can.

What does it take to become a better basketball player?

In order to become a successful basketball player, you need to have passion for the game. Because basketball is a highly skilled sport and requires a lot of work. If you do not have passion for the game, you will not be able to put your 100% in the game. Play basketball as much as you can. Have fun. Basketball is a great game!

Try to learn from player around you. Every basketball player has distinct style of playing the game. While practicing, you can analyze the game of senior players or fellow players. This will also help you in analyzing your own mistakes as well.

Pick your strong points and make them stronger. It is not possible to be good in every aspects of the game but you can master particular basketball skill. For example: If you are a good shooter, practice shooting more and more, and become the best shooter for your basketball team.

Never ever hesitate in taking advice from senior players or basketball coach. The more you learn from others, the more you improve within yourself. Try to amalgamate with other players, teams and coaches. Basketball is a team game and that’s why you have to learn how to become a team player.

Set Goals -> Work on your strengths -> Overcome your weaknesses -> Practice as much as you can -> Learn from others -> LOVE THE GAME

Basketball skills on which you can work on

Work on dribbling because it is an important basketball skill.

Try to improve passing

Work on defensive techniques

So, these are some skills which can make you a better basketball player. You can enroll yourself in summer basketball training programs to perk up your basketball skills.

Drills to Improve Your Dribbling and Ball Handling

Regardless of the pattern in which your team plays the basketball, all players are required to be able to handle the ball. The best manner for a basketball player to get grip over the ball is hours of practice. Players can also take guidance from their basketball coaches and senior players regarding dribbling and ball handling.

Basketball Dribbling and Ball handling

Though Ball handling and Dribbling are linked together, they are two separate skills. If you think that you can master dribbling by practicing ball handling (or vice versa) then you are WRONG. Improving dribbling is a simple task. On the other hand, you need to practice hard to improve your the ball handling skills.

Keep your head up!

Change your speed, rhythm and directions!

Start! Stop! Explode!

Tips To Improve Your Dribbling and Ball Handling

Dribble the ball hard: The more time you spend with the basketball, the more control you can gain over the ball. Try to dribble harder and quicker. This will greatly improve your hand and ball contact.

Handling Drills: Handling Drills can greatly improve the ball handling skills of the basketball players. Ball handling drills can be practiced stationary. You can even practice handling drills with two balls. Your frequency, intensity and duration during practice sessions will affect your ball handling skill in long term. So, be active during practice sessions.

Body Circles: By using your hands, place ball around your head, then waist and then knees. This is the one circle. Repeat the entire process several times.

Ball Slaps: Hold the basketball in front of your hand and then slap it by using your other hand. After that switch hands and repeat the process.

Use your finger: Many young basketball players use their palm to control the ball. Instead of using palm, use your finger tips to control the ball.

So, these are some drills from which you can use to improve your dribbling and ball handling skills. Summer is the very good time for the basketball players to improve their games to a great extent. Many basketball camps offer quality basketball coaching to young basketball enthusiasts.